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On the Table Read ebook magazine UK, Lithuania has incredible workation spots, from an over 300-year-old monastery with intricate baroque architecture, to a 600-hectare sustainable farm with organic meals.

With workation culture quickly developing, multiple sites in Lithuania are offering unique experiences next to stable internet access. From working among treetops, in the inspiring surroundings of a modern co-working space, or in the calm of a monastery, visitors can find exciting ways to switch up their workplace.


Workations are seeing increased popularity as people wish to change their surroundings, restore their well-being, and regain work-life balance post-pandemic. In fact, a research report from Passport Photo Online states that  94% of employees express their desire for a workation this year.

Lithuanian Workation Locations, The Table Read

With the weather in Lithuania steadily getting warmer, both teams and lone digital nomads have many options for their next retreat from the office.

Visitors interested in attending their job in unique surroundings — whether in an over 300-year-old monastery or a treehouse with stunning views of undisturbed nature — can find inspiration in the following five Lithuanian sites.

Treehouse In Lithuania Offers Immersion Into Nature For Increased Focus

Workationers interested in the wilderness of Lithuania’s undisturbed forests may find a comfortable office nestled among treetops. The “Varena Treehouse” complex, which lies just an hour away from the capital Vilnius, is a true oasis of peace.

The minimalist wooden interiors of the treehouses offer solo travelers and couples a cozy retreat from the bustle of the city life. The rural surroundings help focus on tasks with the utmost comfort while views of the forest keep stress at bay. After work, travelers can soak in an open-air bathtub, and paddle on the gleaming Merkiai River.

Visitors eager to explore the surrounding area will have the opportunity to ingest a dose of culture nearby: the Paulava Republic — once a small self-governing peasant community with  mansion ruins present to this day —  and the Grikucis Homestead, which offers an educational program on buckwheat sowing, preparation, and cooking.

An Agrarian Escape Into Lithuanian Nature For The Whole Team

Tucked away in the village of Radiškis, found in the west of Lithuania, is a haven for people seeking to escape the city and gain a fresh perspective. The “Farmers Circle” community offers an office in nature, as the farm is well equipped to welcome large teams of up to 45 for overnight or a short-term visit in their conference hall fit for 200 people.

Beyond clean workspaces that allow visitors to remain productive, the farm expresses its sustainable philosophy through various farm activities. By using only organic produce in harmony with natural growth patterns, the farm spreads the message of sustainability as individual responsibility.

Workationers may take a tour of the 600-hectare complex to learn about holistic gardening practices and techniques with a guide. They can also participate in ancestral cooking rituals that connect fire and smoke with organic ingredients to create exceptional flavors.

Teams may also boost their creativity and well-being by conducting outside team-building exercises surrounded by fresh Lithuanian air and the local wildlife.

Remote Work In An Iconic Lithuanian Baroque Monastery

Only a few hundred hotels are housed in existing monasteries across the world, and one of them can be found near Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city. As monasteries have a unique spiritual quality and provide a peaceful environment that encourages focus, visitors may relocate to them to boost their creativity and reconnect with themselves.

For instance, the famous Lithuanian writer, Kristina Sabaliauskaitė, discovered her muse in the Pažaislis Monastery hospitality complex “Monte Pacis,” where she authored her award-winning “Silva Rerum” historical novel series, proving that work and enthralling atmosphere do go hand in hand.

Classic Baroque-style rooms are available at the hotel while the monastery’s guest house has a restaurant that offers exquisite Baroque food samplings and real wine produced by the monks.

The picturesque “reading room among the flowering Pažaislis lime trees” is located in the open-air Linden tree Alley, and workationers may be tempted to book guided tours of the monastery complex and learn the history of the Camaldolese monks. The beach of Kaunas’ Reservoir lies only 0.3 kilometers from the city, beckoning the tired professionals for a refreshing post-work dip.

Remaining Productive In A World-Class Spa

The “Tech Spa” is found in Lithuania’s historic wellness resort, Druskininkai, teeming with natural mineral water springs and natural mud, which has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries. With all the amenities of an office — including all the tea and coffee a modern-day employee requires — it offers travelers the opportunity to regain work-life balance.

Visitors may exchange their usual workplace for stimulating and brightly decorated co-working living places. During the workation, leisure time may be spent sampling meals with a private chef, wandering the hiking trails through fragrant forests, or centering oneself through a yoga class.

Looking To The Lithuanian Seaside For Recharging Emotional Batteries

Working in Klaipėda, Lithuania’s largest seaside city and the country’s port town, has the benefit of being close to the sea, which may explain why it is known as the “teleworking capital.” Escaping to the beach after a hard day’s work to breathe in the invigorating sea air works as a pleasant change of scenery.

Light House Coworking and Coliving”, located just 4 kilometers from the sea, is one of Lithuania’s most sophisticated coworking spaces, with integrated lodging in the country’s first-ever sleeping capsules or lofts, micro-offices, meditation, and conference rooms.

After work hours finish, a journey to the modern city of Klaipėda offers a vivid seaside experience. The city is filled with gourmet restaurants like the cozy Monai or the ship-based Meridianas, lively bars, and cultural venues. Therefore, visitors can easily enjoy the urban entertainment, the allure of the nature surrounding the city, and replenish their energy levels for the day.

Travelers arriving in Lithuania from any country in the world will no longer be subject to any COVID-19 management requirements, no tests and questionnaires are needed. Wearing masks is not mandatory anymore, except in medical facilities.

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