Words For All To Seek A Meaningful Spiritual Connection in 2022

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On his website, www.wordsforall.org, minister and licensed psychotherapist Dr. Pieter Noomen speaks at great length about the concept of “connectedness” — more specifically, that we are all connected with the source of all existence, and therefore, connected to one another.

“Nothing in existence is not connected with life’s one source, with the I AM. To grasp the ‘how’ of this is for humans not easy,” Dr. Noomen shared. “On our planet, being connected has turned into dependency and not into a full, happy sharing. Nothing in the universe isn’t connected or can’t communicate in rich ways because of its love and longing for the I AM.”

Words For All

More than 25 years ago, Dr. Noomen began to develop a deep connection with a spiritual presence and would go on to significantly widen his spiritual path and have extraordinary experiences on the spiritual plane.

He began to chronicle his journey and the insights he gained on his website, www.wordsforall.org. Visitors there can read about the 12 components of life: Oneness, Love, Life, Fire, Space, Connectedness, Progression, Effect, Freedom, Joy, Differentness and Harmony; and the Seven Names of Life’s Totality: One Holy, Love, Truth, Proper, Healing, Manifestation and Energy. Dr. Noomen also shared 147 thought-provoking questions and the illuminating answers that came to him during his communications with the All Spirit, and he detailed his extraordinary journeys in the spiritual dimension.

Dr Peter Noomen

At their core, Dr. Noomen’s writings emphasize the positive impacts of forming a deep connection with the All Spirit.

“If only people would accept that each one of them is an important link in the chain of events,” Dr. Noomen wrote. “Being connected can be ignored or denied, but the truth will surface anyway. Things do not exist in a vacuum.”

Dr Pieter Noomen

Born in the Netherlands, Dr. Pieter Noomen completed doctoral studies in theology and pastoral psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam and was senior minister of three protestant churches. Later, he worked as a psychotherapist and as a staff member of a Los Angeles metropolitan church. He was involved in mental health issues like suicide prevention and hospice.

Sadly, Dr. Noomen passed away in 2019, but his wealth of wisdom and insights freely shared on www.wordsforall.org will continue to inspire people throughout the world to broaden their spiritual paths. 

An example from Dr. Noomen’s Wisdoms of the Week at www.wordsforall.org:

“In many parts on our planet, the beginning of a new year is celebrated. The heart of it could and should be not so much the public displays, fireworks, speeches of leaders, etc., but the reflection in our personal minds on the merits of last year and what to look forward to. Even that can be superficial. What really can gladden our hearts is that regardless of circumstances, we are not just the center of our little world but of ‘the’ whole world, as only we can make real changes for the better! If we all would do that … wow!”

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