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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, one of the most experienced detectives in UK policing, Russell Wate, releases new crime thriller, Missing But Not Lost.

DCI Alexander McFarlane

Internationally known for his work on investigating child death and the infamous Soham murders, retired senior homicide detective Russell Wate knows about complex crime investigations and the demands they place on the police officers dedicated to the pursuit of justice.

Since retiring, Dr Wate has focused his working life to safeguard children and vulnerable adults from abuse. He has brought that unique knowledge as a detective to a new series of books featuring DCI Alexander (Sandy) McFarlane.

Missing But Not Lost by Russell Wate on The Table Read
Missing But Not Lost

‘Missing But Not Lost’ is the second mystery to feature the enigmatic and captivating DCI, as he finds himself embroiled in the disappearance of Viscount Peveril’s grandson. The electrifying investigation takes him from the beauty of Derbyshire to the vastness of Manitoba, Canada – where it becomes clear that the ‘missing person’ might not be so innocent after all…

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Missing But Not Lost

Viscount Peveril’s grandson, George, has gone missing, and DCI Alexander (Sandy) McFarlane has been asked by the family to investigate his disappearance.

After commencing his search in Norfolk and Derbyshire, Sandy soon finds himself in Manitoba, Canada, trying to locate George and the two friends he has run away with.

Across the ocean, in Derby city centre, a young police officer is found having been shot dead by suspected drug dealers, and a large-scale police investigation is set in motion to catch his killers.

Before long, Sandy’s investigation into George’s disappearance and the murder of the young police officer collide, and Sandy finds himself in conflict with the senior officer leading the murder case as they try to unravel the truth.

Russell Wate on The Table Read
Russell Wate

This gripping and authentic crime mystery is the second book in the DCI McFarlane series.

Russell Wate

“It’s been lovely to read and hear people’s reactions to the book and hear how exciting and at times emotional they find it,” says Dr Wate. “One thing I’m told often is how readers find the series so authentic, and that’s where my own expertise comes into play.”

Continuing, “Since retiring, because of my safeguarding work, I feel as close to detective work as ever. Through writing about Sandy McFarlane, I’m able to bring my current knowledge, my past experiences, all into sharp focus and imbue my detective and the stories with the knowledge I built over decades with the force. This lends the books a grittiness that can be lacking in crime fiction, but which mine have in spades.”

Russell Wate is a retired senior homicide detective, best known internationally for his work in relation to the investigation into the deaths of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. The senior investigating officer in over 100 major crime enquiries, Wate received fourteen commendations from Judge and Chief Officers throughout his career, as well as the Queen’s Police Medal in 2008 for his work as a Detective.

Well known both in the UK and abroad for his work relating to the investigation of child deaths and safeguarding children, Dr Wate completed a doctorate on the investigation of child death – his thesis, “A Balanced Approach Between Sensitivity and the Investigative Approach” was published and widely read. After his retirement, Dr Wate shifted his focus to safeguarding children and adults and now writing crime fiction.

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Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers,  Missing But Not Lost (978-1-80378-085-6) is published on 25th October 2022 and is available in paperback (£8.99) and Kindle format.

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