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Dani Wallace, Remel London, Trina Nicole, Sarah Park, Tommy Powell and others launch the Bee Inspired Event with stars from TV, Radio, and music, on The Table Read, “The Best entertainment magazine in the UK“.

Bee Inspired Event on The Table Read
Bee Inspired Event

Stars from the TV, radio and music worlds, Remel London and Trina Nicole have just been announced as joining the bill at an empowerment event later this month, as they step up to share their voices on ‘challenging conversations that need to be had’.

Joining best selling authors, global business coaches, journalists, and other leading mentors from every walk of life. These powerhouse women in the media are coming together to inspire local entrepreneurs across their business, personal and spiritual lives, whilst raising funds to help domestic abuse survivors.

Dani Wallace, Queen Bee, Bee Inspired, The Table Read
Dani Wallace

On 31st March and 1st April at The Impossible, Manchester (and streamed globally via a professional filming crew).

Bee Inspired Coach Dani Wallace

The event, Bee Inspired, which global motivational speaker and speaker coach, Dani Wallace puts on twice each year as part of her mission to showcase up and coming speakers and inspire an audience of entrepreneurs.

It is renowned for it’s blend of; entertainment, education and exciting special guests – and this year the bill is bolder than ever tackling a broad range subjects across inclusivity and diversity. She covers living with disability, neurodiversity, body acceptance, forming LGBTQ+ allies and embracing spirituality.

An award-winning business leader of I Am The Queen Bee Movement (#IATQB), Dani is committed to using Bee Inspired to open up “discussions we should all be having about making the world a better place”.

Trina Nicole, Bee Inspired, The Table Read
Trina Nicole

Trina Nicole

Body Inclusivity Champion and Dancer, Trina Nicole who’s performed alongside Nao, Lizzo and Beyonce. She has just been announced as Nike Women’s latest Ambassador, and is recognised for championing diversity to bring about positive representation, as part of her commitment to amplifying marginalised voices.

She has also fronted campaigns for leading brands including; Gap, Clarks and most recently British Vogue.

She is best known for founding the UK’s first plus size dance class; The Curve Catwalk which has seen her recognised as ‘Young Entrepreneur of the year 2021’ by Great British Entrepreneur Awards and selected as ‘One to Watch’ by Forbes.

Remel London

Remel London, Bee Inspired, The Table Read
Remel London

Alongside her, featuring as a special guest is Remel London, TV, Radio presenter and host who’s making waves in the industry as the lead presenter on SKY One’s What’s Up TV. She is the host of the Saturday Afternoon show on CAPITAL XTRA and a highly sought after voice-over artist working with; the BBC, CBBC, BET, UKTV and BT Sports to name a few.

Having been invited to join the MOBO Awards panel in 2013 and a presenter on the MOBO’s official Red Carpet in 2016, Remel has been an insider in the showbiz world for many years, but she’s also passionate about seeing the next generation of talent come through.

Supporting her local community and young creatives, she is the founder of The Mainstream. She offers a creative platform with networking opportunities, live events, workshops, seminars, Q&A’s and a podcast.

Tommy Powell, Bee Inspired, The Table Read
Tommy Powell

Her goal is to support individuals that would like to launch and develop their career into the mainstream media and entertainment world. Supporting Dani at this entrepreneurial event she’s excited to inspire an even wider audience with her story.

Tommy Powell

Others taking to the stage include; Tommy Powell who will share his lived experience when it comes to navigating the trans landscape. He also offers up some much-needed advice when it comes to being an ally, especially if someone we know is transgender.

Sarah Park

Sarah Park, will be speaking about how navigating the world as a disabled person is difficult, and unreasonably so, more often than not.

Sarah Park, Bee Inspired, The Table Read
Sarah Park

Sarah shares her experiences and offers us an insight into how we as a community can help our disabled friends and family feel like more than just an afterthought – to be truly, seen, heard and included.

Dani Wallace

Speaker coach, entrepreneurial mentor and domestic violence survivor champion, Dani Wallace is otherwise known as The Queen Bee. She invites her clients to use her stage as an opportunity to be heard, empowering those who speak to have a voice, and those who listen to reflect on what they hear.

Dani herself will be sharing her own journey around her recent experiences with body acceptance. After she underwent gastric surgery for health reasons she ‘preserved’ her plus size body in a gold body cast and with boudoir photos, to celebrate the woman who has already overcome so much.

Tackling the question of ‘who am I when I’m no longer the fat funny one’ she will share how she has had to explore self-acceptance and identity in a new skin.

Personal And Business Development

Other talk titles include ‘It’s time to be OMG Fabulous’;  ‘The Lion Inside’; ‘Finding calm in the chaos’; and ‘Business on the rocks’. Covering wider personal development and business developments subject areas, the stage is set for a hugely varied line-up.

Leading entrepreneurs from across the business development world are also getting involved supporting the event. Talk sponsorships provided to help raise funds for The Fly Anyway Foundation. This is a dream come true of Dani’s. The Fly Away Foundation set up to provide support, funds and resources for other domestic violence survivors who are looking to rebuild their lives. Dani is passionate about their work after she has turned her life around following her own near death domestic abuse experiences.

Seven-figure business owner Lisa Johnson, known as ‘The Passive Income Queen’ is sponsoring Remel’s talk and with packages from as little as £300, this is another way other entrepreneurs can also link arms.

Bee Inspired

With Bee Inspired, Dani sets out to identify and recognise the often-difficult paths we tread in life, and then celebrate the power of having overcome these.

Dani built her business around a quote from the Bee Movie, being struck by the wonder of bees being able to fly when by rights they shouldn’t be able to get their ‘fat little bodies off the ground”. She has always led with the message that ‘bees don’t care what humans think is possible….bees fly anyway”. She has created a protective community, The Hive, whereby she inspires growth and development amongst those who follow her.

Bee Inspired is an event that encourages and facilitates self development across life and business, in a safe protective, empowered environment.

Topics from health and wellness, to parenting, to sexuality and gender, to spiritual practices and mindfulness to business growth and development are delivered with a view to inspiring, educating and encouraging those in the room to fly, all within a hugely supportive community.

Dani Wallace - Be Inspired - The Table Read
Dani Wallace

Dani said: “I am so so excited for this event. Every year we see huge transformations take place in the room and I know this year will be bigger and better than ever – we are certainly bringing to light a much more diverse range of subjects this year and I’m really proud of the conversations we will be starting. Public speaking fear (glossophobia) still sees the majority of people shy away from spreading their message in this way, so all those standing on that stage are in a very small minority of people being brave enough to make an impact in this way – we need to get behind then with our support!”.

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Tickets can be purchased for both in person attendance and online access to the event via and further corporate sponsorship is also available as part of the fundraising effort. For more information on sponsorship packages please contact

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