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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in The Fall of Cadoria by Paul Willson, as the Empire of Thargoza launches another invasion on Cadoria, Prince Tyrran’s intuition tells him that something is very amiss.

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The Fall Of Cadoria

Since the pandemic, Paul Willson has been finding his passion for writing, with fantasy his genre of choice. The Fall of Cadoria is his fifth published work, but his first full length novel.

The Fall Of Cadoria by Paul Willson on The Table Read Magazine
The Fall Of Cadoria by Paul Willson

Launching the Gods And Runes series, The Fall Of Cadoria instantly wins the hearts and minds of readers, both through protagonist Prince Tyrran’s resolute determination to save the kingdom of Cadoria, and his need to grapple with a betrayal that not only blindsides him, but will take a lifetime to recover from.

When the Empire of Thargoza launches another invasion on Cadoria, the last free kingdom on the continent of the five kingdoms, Prince Tyrran, who has devoted his life to defending his country from the empire stands in their path. However, this time it feels different.

As Prince Tyrran leads his army to halt the empire’s advance at Heldwr Fort, he is seized by the gnawing sense that something is amiss. His intelligence regarding the movements and size of the empire’s army seems skewed. To exacerbate matters, his intelligence chief has vanished, and his exiled Thargozan wife, Princess Braganza, insists on accompanying him and their children to Heldwr Fort to witness Tyrran’s preparations for battle.

Even though the empire’s army arrives earlier and in vastly greater numbers than Tyrran had been led to believe, he clings to the belief that his small army can still emerge victorious. Yet, as the battle rages and the empire fails to gain ground, its soldiers suddenly surge forth from a clandestine tunnel beneath the fort. In that moment, Tyrran realizes the chilling truth of his betrayal, watching helplessly as his army is overrun.

In the aftermath of this devastating defeat, Tyrran must grapple with the loss of his country and the staggering revelation of his betrayal.

Fast paced, well-developed and with plausible characterisation, The Fall of Cadoria is far from a good vs evil and happy ever after narrative.  Rather, it showcases that sometimes in life, there are greater forces in play that even the most determined, prepared and honourable can’t overcome.

Paul Willson

Paul Willson is a fantasy writer with five published books. 

He began writing after being made redundant from his IT job during the Covid pandemic.  Initially writing short stories, he then began attempting longer fantasy novellas. It was then that the fantasy action romance,

The Dance of The Blacksmith and The Huntress trilogy was born, and Ophelia and Doyle began their eternal dance. Not long afterwards, The Demon and The Raven came to fruition and has received 5* ratings on Amazon. 

This year his first full-length fantasy book, and the first book in the Gods and Runes series, The Fall of Cadoria was released.

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