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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, migrants, spies and murder comes together in The Channel by Tony Rouse as Danny Fleet is tasked with putting a stop to the murder of Illegal migrants in small boats heading across the Channel.

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The Channel: Migrants – Money – Murder

The Channel by Tony Rouse combines a hugely topical and provocative theme with army captain protagonist Danny Fleet, seconded to MI6, working to put a stop to the migrant boats. The Channel is fast-paced, multi-layered, and often unexpected.

The Channel: Migrants - Money - Murder By Tony Rouse on The Table Read Magazine
The Channel: Migrants – Money – Murder By Tony Rouse

Dead bodies are being washed up on the beaches in Kent, and Danny Fleet, a serving soldier seconded into MI6, is tasked to stop the murders of Illegal Migrants crossing the English Channel.

Weaving a journey that follows the vast sums of money made by the gangs running the small boats from France to the UK, The Channel follows the money to Ireland and finally to The USA. The big question remains: what are the millions used for? The money is deniable; there is no bank trail, no withdrawal slip, or invoices. No CCTV or anyone walking out of a bank with large wads of cash. The money is moved from country to country, and nobody can see it.

Along the way, Fleet is charged by the PM to rescue her kidnapped daughter from a gang determined to overthrow the British Government.

In The Channel, Tony Rouse does justice to a singularly modern issue, and the need for international solutions to address the root causes of migration, and provide safe and legal pathways for those seeking asylum or a better life.

Tony Rouse

After having a clear-out in the loft, my writing was put to one side until it was rediscovered recently. Then, finding a stack of novels started but was not finished. Finally, I had the idea for The Channel and finished a book thirty years later in Herne Bay.

-Tony Rouse

Tony Rouse is a retired bookkeeper, married with three grown-up children and two granddaughters.

He has enjoyed a varied career, first as a butcher and also in import and export. In addition, Tony ran a pub for eight years and lived in different parts of Kent, London, and Ibiza. He began writing when he and his wife, Carrol, lived in Spain many years ago.

He is a lifetime supporter of his local football team, Whitstable Town FC, and spent three years as Chairman of the club, which he still supports.

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