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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, inspired by her own experiences, debut novel by A.N.Porter, Phantom Wedding, takes readers on a spine-tingling quest through a modern urban landscape and a haunted flat.

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Phantom Wedding

When a misprint turned first editions of Phantom Wedding by A.N.Porter into collectors’ items, copies of this debut novel were selling for £399. Partially inspired by true events from Porter’s own life, Phantom Weddings transcends the traditional ghost story, offering a unique narrative that intertwines the complexities of the unknown and the pursuit of happiness in the face of unexplainable phenomena, with socio-political themes.

With supernatural suspense, and dashes of humour and romance, Phantom Wedding takes readers through the eerie and enchanted corridors of twenty-nine year old Patsy’s North London flat, which holds much more than its physical occupants.

A graduate working in music PR, Patsy elated to receive the keys to her new flat. After all, acquiring a flat in the capital these days was like gold dust – so she couldn’t have been more pleased. But she soon realises that this is no ordinary flat.

She gets an eerie feeling, accompanied by strange sightings and unsettling noises as what starts as subtle disturbances, soon escalates into a full-blown spectral presence, challenging Patsy’s perceptions of reality. It quickly becomes apparent that there is something or someone else occupying the same space. She is not alone…

Her world is soon turned upside down when strange unexplainable events unfold. What or who is determined to make their presence known? Patsy has hopes and dreams of getting married and starting a family with her fiancé Ben, but she quickly realises, that she may just get more than she’d bargained for…

A.N.Porter navigates the thin veil between this world and the next, creating a captivating narrative that promises to leave readers questioning the fabric of their own reality. The buzz around this book is reaching fever pitch globally with the original version now being collectible.

This socio-political spooky thriller seems to have struck a chord with readers globally, which has caught everyone by surprise, especially Porter.


Phantom Wedding’ – like most good stories – was inspired by something that happened to me. In the dead of night, in my own London flat, I encountered the inexplicable. It was a moment so profoundly unsettling that it has stayed with me to this day. To see what I believed to be two ghosts… it made me reflect on the spaces we share, seen and unseen, and the stories that unfold within them.

I have heard from readers who are deeply affected by Patsy’s journey – so much so that they are trying to figure out where her flat is in London. They’ve organized a sort of treasure hunt with other readers, they weave through the pages of the book for clues as to the flat’s location.

Seeing that deep connection that people have to the book… to the point where they are collecting first edition copies – well, it’s truly more than I could have hoped for. But I think we can all relate to wanting to bridge the gap between this world and the next…

A.N.Porter on The Table Read Magazine

Alison Naomi Porter (née Francis) BA (Hons) Assoc CIPD is a writer, singer, actress and songwriter from London, England. She is alumni of The St. Marylebone CofE School and performing arts institutions including Sylvia Young Theatre School, Italia Conti Theatre School, Anna Scher Theatre School, The Popular School of Dance (Balls Pond Road, Hackney; under Jean Taylor) and Identity School of Acting (London). She also has a bronze Shakespeare certification from RADA.

She graduated from Roehampton University with a BA (Hons) in Educational Studies with Dance Studies. On graduation she completed voluntary work experience at Media Village music PR company, where she was spotted working tirelessly (for free) by Paul Kennedy (Managing Director) of the record label Freakstreet Records/12One Management, who instantly gave her a paid job on the spot as a Personal Assistant to a Top Ten British pop star. He trained her as a PA, and she credits him with instilling in her a high standard of work ethic.

She has worked in the corporate world of Investment Banking, Oil and Gas, Cybersecurity, and HR & Recruitment. And has had a creative career in fashion, as a model, and in music, penning the song Amazing Love. She also featured on White label UK House and Garage singles by Skyworks (featuring Alison – Naomi and MC Tweety), Why Should I cry and You’re all I need and toured with the revisioned Boney M.

She is married with two stepsons, and lives in London. This is her first novel.

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