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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Bobo The Bear’s Enchanted Forest By Gurvinder Singh Lawrence-Sandhu, children learn gratitude, empathy, and caring for others, all of which are effortlessly woven in to a page turning tale.

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Bobo The Bear’s Enchanted Forest

Bobo The Bear’s Enchanted Forest By Gurvinder Singh Lawrence-Sandhu on The Table Read Magazine
Bobo The Bear’s Enchanted Forest By Gurvinder Singh Lawrence-Sandhu

With the likes of Winnie, Paddington and Rupert demonstrating how readily readers will take a lovable bear to their hearts, Bobo is the latest to enthrall a whole host of young minds (aged two to -six).

Embark on a heartwarming adventure in Bobo The Bear’s Enchanted Forest: Journeys In Friendship And Joy, as Gurvinder Singh Lawrence-Sandhu ticks all the boxes of creativity and imaginative storytelling. Elevating the book for both its intended audience and those reading aloud, the raft of life lessons that are effortlessly woven into the story teach children how to understand and manage emotions and encouraging self-reflection.

Discover a world where every sunrise brings new lessons in kindness and every sunset is a reminder to be thankful. Bobo The Bear’s Enchanted Forest: Journeys In Friendship And Joy is not just a storybook—it’s a gentle journey through life’s simple pleasures and the importance of connecting with others. Every page is a gentle nudge towards building a kinder, more mindful generation, filling your child’s world with wonder and teaching them the beauty of spreading happiness.

Having experienced first-hand the power that comes with learning to be empathetic, compassionate and mindful, Gurvinder Singh Lawrence-Sandhu crafted a timeless adventure which also makes a great starting point for those taking their first tentative steps to becoming an independent reader.

Why Parents Love “Bobo the Bear”:

  • Life Lessons: Bobo’s adventures offer tender teachings about gratitude, empathy, and joy that resonate long after the last page is turned.
  • Emotional Growth: Through Bobo’s eyes, children learn to navigate their emotions and understand the value of caring for others.
  • Engaging Read-Aloud: Lyrical prose and vibrant illustrations make sharing Bobo’s story an enchanting experience for both reader and listener.

For the Little Ones:

  • Charming Characters: Meet Bobo and his forest friends—each encounter a new friend, each moment a new delight.
  • Interactive Elements: Questions and prompts throughout the book encourage thoughtful engagement and self-reflection.
  • A Cozy Bedtime Companion: The perfect wind-down tale to end the day with smiles and hearts full of joy.

Gurvinder Singh Lawrence-Sandhu

Gurvinder Lawrence-Sandhu was born and raised in Birmingham, England. Having faced a series of daunting physical health crises, including severe weight loss, the need for a CPAP machine, hormone replacement therapy, and an inability to leave home, he has also grappled with a range of mental health issues including stress, anxiety, and fear.

By focusing on simple yet powerful emotions like gratitude, helping others, empathy, and compassion I have found the strength to heal and thrive.

-Gurvinder Singh Lawrence-Sandhu

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