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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Daniel Juventus And The Stonehenge – Gate Of Magic By J. A. Thinky, a bullied and peculiar young boy is transported to a parallel universe to save the king of the Kingdom of Light.

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Daniel Juventus And The Stonehenge – Gate Of Magic

Daniel Juventus and The Stonehenge – Gate of Magic by J. A. Thinky sees the slightly unconventional Daniel transported to Havillars – the Kingdom of Light. There, Daniel is educated in an academy that has Leonardo da Vinci as principal, Isaac Newton as vice principal, and professors including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Alfred Nobel and many other famous historical people.

Always the brunt of teasing and bullying from his classmates due to his peculiar nature and a slight deformity in his hand, Daniel Juventus has never known his parents and lives with his grandfather, which leaves a gaping hole in his heart.

When Daniel begins having strange dreams, his grandfather finally admits to the truth of his parents’ disappearance. In one dream, Daniel is given a powerful key – an Ankh – and is told he is the Chosen One. He is destined to free the soul of EV; the King of the Kingdom of Light, who is imprisoned alongside Dzărum; the Lord of Darkness.

One night, a strange woman appears in his bedroom and guides him to a parallel world, where Daniel thinks his mission to save both his parents and EV has finally begun. Little does he know, what lies beyond is a continuing stream of dark forces preventing him from fulfilling his mission. These forces are after the Ankh as it can unlock the gate to Hell. Daniel must do what he can to save those he holds dear and thwart all attempts of the minions of darkness to take over the goodness of the world.

Fantastical and absorbing, J. A. Thinky offers a book filled with original worldbuilding and plausible magic systems, and hugely compelling character building through the unconventional Daniel. His introductions to history’s real-life heroes from science and the arts give this first volume a thumbs up from all that pick up a copy.

With a whole new generation awaiting a literary hero worthy of their adoration – the future could be looking very rosy for Daniel Juventus, and his creator.

J. A. Thinky

Vo Quang Thinh is better known by his pen name; J. A. Thinky. He was born in Da Nang, Vietnam, and studied interior design for many years and played the piano for the church where his father was a pastor. He is now working for the church as a songwriter as well as the choir conductor. He is passionate about Renaissance paintings and is a freelance artist. He likes to study European languages, including Latin and Greek; and enjoys studying history and medieval literature.

With William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and J.K. Rowling the role models who inspired him to embark on his writing career, the author loves fantasy literature and the way the British tell their stories.

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