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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, picking up from where the first story ended, Hebru Young’s Success Opulence And Power sees Eddie Dominguez with a life sentence looming. Will he come out on the winning side of the court case of the century?

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Success, Opulence And Power

Success, Opulence and Power is a drug cartel novel stands out from the crowd, with volume two to be published on 4th April 2024.

In Volume 1, we are introduced to Hebru Young’s protagonist Eddie, and now the second instalment picks up from where the first left off. In Volume 2, Eddie comes into his own and continues to gain the notoriety that landed him in court, and sees him desperately hoping he will be able to dodge a life sentence.  

Following the disclosure of all evidence held by the prosecution, Eddie’s legal team makes it clear that his looming trial will be an uphill battle. Things aren’t looking good for his businesses either with mounting pressure to keep his companies in profit whilst reassuring his partners that the negative press will eventually blow over. Eddie’s enemies continue to pile on the pressure as they encroach on his territories. He needs to do everything in his power to secure a win in court and maintain his empire.

This second instalment confirms that Success, Opulence and Power by Hubru Young is far more than your standard cartel caper. The introduction of developed technologies that impact how crimes are committed as well as solved gives his story an understated sci-fi feel, and bringing most of the western world together in a project aptly named ‘The Great Merger’ hints at the potential of this saga going forward.

Bursting with real-world intrigue, conflict and characters firmly entrenched on the wrong side of the law, Success Opulence and Power is a worthy read.

Success Opulence And Power, Volume 2 By Hebru Young on The Table Read Magazine
Success Opulence And Power, Volume 1 By Hebru Young

Hebru Young

UK-based author Hebru Young has a background in Computing & IT having worked as a Systems Analyst in various business sectors. He enjoys spending time with family, reading, gaming on the Xbox, watching YouTube, and binge-watching TV shows and movies.

He has a passion for storytelling and character development. His published work contains worlds crafted with the intention of arousing the reader’s imagination.

Hebru got his first book deal on his fourth attempt, two months after submitting his manuscript. He is currently trying to transition from IT professional to full-time writer.

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