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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, An Illustrated Journey of Cookie & Co by Mike Perkins, is a captivating story of a vintage Vauxhall roadster’s epic world tour, and its unexpected entanglement in a Hollywood copyright controversy.

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An Illustrated Journey Of Cookie & Co

An Illustrated Journey Of Cookie & Co by Mike Perkins is a remarkable blend of adventure and David-and-Goliath battle for creative rights. Recounting the exhilarating journey of a 1924 Vauxhall roadster named Cookie, and its pivotal role in a copyright standoff against entertainment giant, the Disney Corporation Michael Perkins weaves a compelling narrative of a globe-spanning road trip that allegedly inspired the creation of Pixar’s “Cars” and the subsequent legal struggle to acknowledge that influence.

Split in two gripping parts, the book narrates the thrilling cross-continental journey undertaken by Perkins and his companion, Brian Mullineaux, in Cookie. The second part delves deeply into the intense legal battles faced in both the UK and US courts by scriptwriter Jake Anthony, highlighting the complexities of copyright laws, and the challenge of securing rightful recognition in the face of enormous corporate power.

A must-read for anyone passionate about travel, spontaneity and justice for the underdog, ‘An Illustrated Journey of Cookie & Co’ is a profound narrative of inspiration, innovation and exploration.

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Mike Perkins

Writing this book was like taking the journey with Cookie. It was as if I was stepping into boundless adventure and unfathomable challenges once again. says Perkins.

Each mile brought new experiences, shaping a narrative so compelling that it ultimately caught the eye of scriptwriter Jake Anthony, and inspired a cinematic phenomenon. The subsequent legal odyssey was a journey of a different kind and was as daunting as the roads Brian and I used to travel across continents.

The book isn’t just about celebrating our adventure in Cookie – as exciting and life-changing as it was – it’s also about standing up for creative integrity. It’s a true testament to the power of perseverance in the face of  saying ‘yes’. If I hadn’t said yes to Brian that day in Austria, I wouldn’t have had such a grand escapade to share with the world – and that would be a shame, both for myself, and for those who’ve loved this book so much.

-Mike Perkins
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Intrepid adventurer and a passionate chronicler of extraordinary journeys Mike Perskins’ remarkable story began with a serendipitous encounter on the ski slopes of Austria, leading to an epic world tour in a 1924 Vauxhall roadster, affectionately named Cookie. This journey not only traversed continents but also inspired the creative concept behind Pixar’s ‘Cars’, as narrated in his book, ‘An Illustrated Journey of Cookie & Co’.

While Michael himself was not embroiled in the legal battles that ensued – a struggle undertaken by scriptwriter Jake Anthony. Pixar Americanised Jakes original Car characters prior to promoting it to Disney who would have been un-aware of the origan’s and of Jakes original registered copyrighted CARS film treatment and illustrations.

On his passing in 2016, Jake bequeathed his original 1992 copyright in equal shares to those that had supported him which included Michael. within a company ‘ Creation of CARS films 1992 Ltd’. His unique experiences and encounters provided the foundational inspiration for this creative and legal saga. A native of Hayling Island, Michael’s enthusiasm for classic cars and his zest for life are evident in his storytelling, capturing the spirit of adventure and the fascinating intersections between life’s journeys and the stories they inspire.

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