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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Dangerous Escapades, Ian D. Withers shares stories from more than 60 years as a private detective, from saving abducted children to gathering intelligence and spending time in an Argentine jail.

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Dangerous Escapades

For more than sixty years, Ian D. Withers experienced the world’s shadowy underbelly, undertaking daring missions recovering abducted children, gathering intelligence for both left and right-wing regimes, and even being imprisoned due to a British prime minister’s ill-fated wager. Now, he offers up 370 pages filled with intrigue, deception, danger and more. New memoir, Dangerous Escapades, leaves readers in awe of the author and in disbelief that he’s still around to share his life story.

From tracking down fraudsters to bugging the leaders of international coups and cracking open assassination plots, Wither’s life was a relentless pursuit of the truth. He outwitted the IRA’s Hyde Park bomber with a masterful bluff, located Jeremy Thorpe’s illicit lover, and risked it all to reunite snatched tug-of-love children with their desperate parents.

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Join Ian Withers on an unforgettable journey through a life lived in the darkest of shadows, where every step could be his last. This is the astonishing true story of a modern-day adventurer, a master of disguise, and a fearless seeker of justice.

Britain’s most controversial agent-for-hire invites you into the heart of his thrilling and dangerous world. With this memoir removing all confusion and contradictions between detective fiction and reality, readers are treated to the inside track of what life is like living in the shadows and bringing to justice some of the most ruthless and dangerous people on the planet. Dangerous Escapades is a gripping, illuminating, and unflinching account of a steely English gentleman’s rise to the pinnacle of his profession.

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Ian D. Withers

Ian D. Withers is a founding member of the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI), has served on the governing council, and completed five terms as chairman. Licensed for over 10 years as a P.I. in Maryland, USA, where he is a retired Member of ‘various. Professional Investigation Associations and was an assistant editor for international news with P.I. Magazine.

 He represented WAPI in the (U.K.) Investigator Sector Group UK-ISG and represented the U.K. and Irish PI sectors in negotiations with the U.K. and Irish governments on regulating the private investigation sector. Ian appeared in five T.V. Documentaries and is featured in eleven published books.

He holds City & Guilds NVQ Level 4 – Investigations and National Qualification Certificate (B-Tech IQ) Level 3 Award in Professional Investigations.

 Ian is enjoying retirement between Ireland, Cyprus, and the U.S. until the next call.

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