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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Birmingham City supporter and former Sky sports commentator, Chris Skudder, has released new book, Underdogs And Newshounds.

Chris Skudder’s debut release, Underdogs and Newshounds, has been given five star reviews by the likes of Paul Hayward (multiple British Sports Writer of the Year) and Tom McDermott (author and member, Football Writers’ Association).

Underdogs And Newshounds by Chris Skudder on The Table Read
Underdogs And Newshounds

“Entertaining tales and insights from a top reporter who was always on the frontline of World Cup action,” said Paul Hayward.

“Unique, addictive storytelling,” said Tom McDermott.

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Underdogs And Newshounds

Chris Skudder is sufficiently famous in the world of football journalism for the cast of US football comedy show Ted Lasso to play a trick on him whilst reporting at last year’s FA Cup Final. In Underdogs and Newshounds, the journalistic veteran of seven World Cup tournaments, trailblazing broadcaster, die-hard football fan and beleaguered Birmingham City supporter Chris shares his experiences of the great, the good, and the not so good. on the road. A candid, revealing, and often laugh-out-loud funny view of the beautiful game.

With a knack for taking the viewer and reader onto the inside of the fan’s road trip with some infectious storytelling, Skudder’s writing feels like you’re there with him. He details his love of the game (and unwavering support of underdogs, Birmingham City), whilst offering a different and candid take on England’s pot-holed World Cup journey.

Always telling it as he sees it, Skudder’s expertise around his subject makes this a definitive read. But, when you add in his passion and humility, Underdogs and Newshounds is elevated into the football literature stratosphere.

Chris Skudder on The Table Read

Synopsis of Underdogs And Newshounds

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

As England head to another World Cup in Qatar with hopes higher than ever, former Sky presenter and correspondent Chris Skudder takes us on a warts and all, evocative road trip, a personal journey from 1966 through to the present. ‘Underdogs and Newshounds’ is a frank and often irreverent road book viewed through, and beyond the eye of the camera lens that accompanied him around the globe covering the last seven tournaments. These are stories that you rarely heard or that could never be fully told on television. A correspondent who was never shy to tell it like it was. Part travelogue, part memoir, this is essential reading for any fan who ever hit the road for the big international tournaments or harbours a dream of doing so.

As a lifelong Birmingham City fan, Chris has experienced the lows and lowers that any struggling club or England fan knows only too well. A book of up close stories from one of the most travelled and experienced sports correspondents in British broadcasting, and the club ‘education’ that got him there. But there’s much here for more than just sports fans, from someone who saw the bigger picture. It homes in on the people and the places, littered with wry humour, punctuated by dark tales from the road.

Chris Skudder on The Table Read

About Chris Skudder

One of the original wave of broadcasters from the satellite revolution of the early 90’s when Sky News shook up the establishment, Chris Skudder is one of the most travelled and experienced sports correspondents in British broadcasting.

Recognised by sports fans the world over, Chris also earned a place in history as the first person to commit the words ‘Sky Sports’ to tape, with a voiceover for the original commercial from the days when the idea of a dedicated sports channel was first in play.

Having witnessed seven football World Cups, Chris has interviewed everyone from die-hard fans to undercover officers and some of the biggest names in sport.

His career has spanned more than 35 years, with 25 of them with Sky News and Sky Sports News. He now works for ITV News, amongst others. He is also a podcaster, gig goer and music fan, with each chapter of his debut book, Underdogs and Newshounds, hitting the right note with a musical reference tied to the storytelling.

Project Publishing

This is the fourth book by Project is Publishing – a small, independent book publisher established during lockdown – which has a focus on a diverse range of genres from technology, sport, poetry and psychological thrillers. As with the previous titles, Underdogs and Newshounds is also hashed onto the blockchain, to protect the author’s rights.

Published on 1st October 2022 readers can order paperback copies directly from the publisher or via indie bookshops, The Great British Bookshop, Amazon, and book retailers including Waterstones, Foyles and Hatchards.

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