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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, King’s Vicegerent by founder of the Organisation for Conflict Management and Reconstruction (OMCR) and author Rahim S Dhanji is about attempting to achieve and maintain peace in the Middle East at all costs.

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King’s Vicegerent By Rahim S Dhanji on The Table Read Magazine
King’s Vicegerent By Rahim S Dhanji

King’s Vicegerent

In King’s Vicegerent, Rahim S Dhanji immerses readers in what it is like to have a day job that is all about brokering peace and ongoing harmony between warring countries.


Using all that he has learnt in a career that has had human rights, conflict resolution and justice at its core, Dhanji’s showcases the struggles of the fictional 34th Secretary General of one of the most powerful intergovernmental organisations in the world and his efforts to put in place a credible conflict management model. This is a must-read for all those interested in a fictionalised, manipulative world political drama in pursuit of geo-political harmony.

Marshall De Gamaros has finally reached the pinnacle of his political career as Secretary General of the Organisation of Sovereign States. This is his chance to finally realise the implementation of his conflict management model.

He has to convince a super-majority of nine member states to agree to the model. What cost is he willing to bear to achieve his career-long ambition?

Oil and arms scandals, controversy, sabotage, murder, manipulation and desire for control test Marshall’s conscience whilst the burden of his self-inflicted torment as God’s instrument on earth slowly unravels until tragedy finally strikes.

Entertaining, edifying and illustrating to readers the complexity of preserving  state sovereignty whilst contending with non-state armed groups, King’s Vicegerent is a thought provoking read which brings into play a legal model that, if adopted, would result in the cessation of hostilities and lay the foundation for the development of the law post-conflict thereby lessening the adverse impact of conflict on internally displaced people and refugees.

And with a TV adaptation already in the pipeline, if there was ever a time to read this book, it has to be now.

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Rahim Dhanji

With this story relevant in the context of Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Palestine to name a few examples, King’s Vicegerent dramatises the personal struggle of a Secretary General of a large intergovernmental organisation in seeing through the implementation of his conflict management model

The model is based on an actual framework modelled on International Law principles which can be applied in the context of contemporary global conflicts including those in Palestine, Sudan, and Afghanistan. It advocates for the use of International Territorial Administration by an IGO and preserving state sovereignty by placing the host state and the IGO as joint trustees whilst contending with non-state armed groups as an additional trustee or beneficiary. The model is discussed in another publication of mine which can be accessed at

-Rahim Dhanji
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Rahim is a practising Solicitor Advocate in London having represented corporates and individuals in contentious matters in the High Court. He has higher rights of audience in the Court of Appeal and  Supreme Court, a right traditionally reserved for Barristers in England and  Wales. Rahim has also acquired commercial experience in Banking and Restructuring with a magic circle firm in London together with experience in the humanitarian field with international organisations.

He acquired his Bachelor’s degree in law from King’s College London and his Master’s in Public International Law with Distinction from the School of Oriental and African Studies.​

Rahim has published a book on state conflict management which lays the foundation for the development of the law post-conflict with a view to shaping the reconciliation and reconstruction of post conflict societies. He is also a Visiting Lecturer and is currently researching for his second book focusing on financing the reconstruction of post-conflict societies. ​​

In his spare time Rahim has written a play, a novel, a legal text, and a TV series and has written, directed and produced a short film featuring a story about refugees. He is also a published poet.

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