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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, author Michael Lato releases no-holds barred biography, The Refugee Handbook, about a male couple’s quest to find a life of choices on a journey from Iraq to Amsterdam.

Michael Lato’s no-holds-barred biography shares the true story of a male couple’s quest for life in the West. One American, the other Iraqi, The Refugee Handbook: Notes from the Road to a Life of Choices shares the prejudice experienced and the dangers of their traumatic journey;  which culminates in Khaled seeking asylum in Amsterdam

The Refugee Handbook by Michael Lato on The Table Read
The Refugee Handbook

The Refugee Handbook

In Michael Lato’s The Refugee Handbook: Notes from the Road to a Life of Choices, the author shares the heartfelt true story of his decision as an American to help his partner, Iraqi-born Khaled escape Turkey and seek asylum as a refugee in Amsterdam.

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The recounting of their desperate story hits the reader like a steam train as it enlightens readers for possibly the first time on the realities of seeking a life with choices and without persecution.

Robust in his storytelling, this biographical account stands at just 108 pages, but as a writer and essayist, Michael Lato makes every word count in his wildly-compelling, life-changing tale. 

His book is also a salutary reminder that the images of refugees we constantly see on our news feeds are indeed individuals with their unique backstory and that with an empathetic and supportive heart we can achieve almost anything.

Michael Lato on The Table Read
Michael Lato

This is the true story of a male couple’s quest for a life in the West…one is American, the other is Iraqi.  The American learns about human trafficking and the challenges of gays in the Middle East as he helps his partner escape from Turkey by raft, sneak his way into Athens, and then seek asylum in Amsterdam.

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Michael Lato

Michael J. Lato is an American writer and essayist. A former maths teacher he started writing for tv game shows and family programming.   

He now divides his time between Europe and Brazil. Whilst not writing, he enjoys working out, nature and learning from someone’s story.

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Independently published, The Refugee Handbook: Notes from the Road to a Life of Choices is available on Amazon as follows:

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