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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, set in the year 2038, Will Gibson’s The Unravelling sees AI reigning over the meticulously governed suburbs, as humanity hangs by a thread in the lawless, untamed urban wastelands.

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The Unravelling

Debut novelist Will Gibson’s The Unravelling will knock the socks of all those with a passion for fiction that looks at what lays ahead for mankind with one of our most talked about issues; AI. Questioning the potential of AI to either save or destroy humanity, The Unravelling grips from the outset and simply doesn’t let go.

In the year 2038, two diametrically opposed protagonists – a New York cop beaten down by all that he has seen over the years as he pursues an unfathomable global conspiracy, and a disenchanted young English boy who is determined to rescue Suki, an Asian pop star, collide as humanity balances on the razor’s edge between AI-governed order and lawless urban chaos.

As unprecedented system failures plunge the world into turmoil, Joe Jones races against time to unravel the deceit behind apocalyptic threats and protect those he loves, revealing the delicate intersection of human vulnerability and technological dominance.

You might think their battle for the world’s safety seems a little far-fetched, but you’d be wrong. As head of sales and marketing for a software company, technology, its uses and future are always on the mind of Will Gibson; which has enabled him to inject plausibility into every page and make sense of a plot brimming with apocalyptic consequences.

A hugely impressive first novel, The Unravelling delivers everything you’d want from a futuristic thriller, and more.

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Will Gibson

In short, I love my story, and I love predicting the near future as it’s what I do for my day job in Telecoms. As Head of Sales and Marketing for a software company, I write and present blogs, vlogs, and stage keynotes to over 1,000 people on a regular basis, often thinking about where my industry is heading and predicting the new trends to look out for—some of which are in my book. I think my story could appeal to people who wonder where the world is going.

-Will Gibson

Will Gibson lives in Newcastle with wife, Victoria, and their two children, Elijah and Xanthe. 

Gibson is a successful executive in the retail and telecoms space. He has visited over 75 countries and has lived in the UK, Moscow, Singapore, Miami and Athens during his lifetime. An avid traveller and a lover of science fiction from Arthur C. Clarke to namesake William Gibson, it’s long been on his bucket list to write a novel. He started in 2018 writing on an iPhone while on yet another international flight.

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