Lets Climb

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Written by Josette Celeste


“Let’s Climb” by Josette Celete

It’s windy, I know, but that’s no matter.
It’s colder, still, but it’s the journey on our own.
Imagine what you’ll see atop the mountain—take a swig or two to numb.

Let’s climb.

Forget home for now, be here with me.
Forget all that’s waiting behind.
Forget the past—ignore the future. Be here with me; let’s climb.

Let the wind thrash your clothes and skin. Allow nature’s beauty to sink in.
Let the cold bring out your tears and feel your nose disappear.

Be here with me; let’s climb.

Let your voice echo with mine in our laughter. Walk backwards when we descend. Be proud of all you’re after; take another swig and pretend.

Stop the madness before we begin—just be here with me—let’s climb.

Watch the goat run from our joy—listen to the waterfall. Forget it all—and just be here with me; let’s climb.

Imagine what you’ll see atop the mountain—take another swig or two to numb.
I’ll pretend I don’t notice and I’ll be the craving one.

Just be here with me. Let’s climb.

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Josette Celeste is an American adventurer living in Wales.

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/AmericanRedDragon

Twitter: Twitter.com/JosetteCeleste

Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdSfHSsq/

Instagram (most used): Instagram.com/Josette.Celeste

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