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Written by Josette Celeste

“I’m the girl” -Josette Celeste

I’m the girl they envision, the one who shines with wings that reach the sky.

My mind is always in the clouds, my thoughts a mile high.

Trouble is, when I light the darkness, I attract others who reside there.

I’m the girl they think they know, but can’t handle me with care.

The shadows overwhelm my light, and they snuff it to the core.

I fuel my flame, vowing to stop the pain from before.

I fly everywhere, as below so as above.

The ghosts haunt my aura, but I shine anyway,

I’m not the one they know how to love,

I’m the sparkling thing, I’m the ruby in the grey.

They want to pin me, strap my wings and place me in a cage.

When I try escape, they immediately fill with rage.

I can’t be pinned down, you see, and no one wants to fly along.

I’m from another land, with no real place to belong.

I’m the girl they wish to own, not the girl they wish to cherish.

So, I take my own hand and I prevent my heart from perish.

Alone I fly, seeing the world as it is,

And I shine my light for all its predestined purposes.

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Josette Celeste is an American adventurer living in Wales.




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