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Laura Dorner

Written by Laura Dormer

“Criminals rarely fascinate me, my friend.”
“Is that so?”
Pünd thought for a minute. “They think, always, that they are cleverer than they really are, that they have the ability to defeat the police, the rule of law, the very essence of society in order to achieve their ends.”
“It makes them dangerous.”
“It makes them predictable…”

Moonflower Murders

The Plot Of The Moonflower Murders

This book picks up from the events of Magpie Murders (2016), with former publisher Susan Ryeland now running a hotel in Crete and trying to put the events of the previous book behind her. But it seems the works of her former author Alan Conway are destined to haunt her, when a couple arrive in Crete begging for Susan’s help.

Their daughter Cecily has gone missing, and they believe the key to her disappearance, and possibly a murder 8 years previously, lays in the pages of a Conway book Susan published. Susan is soon reluctantly drawn back to the UK to try and discover if there really is a hidden message in the seemingly unrelated “Atticus Pünd Takes the Case”. But will her own life be put at risk in the process?

Review Of The Moonflower Murders

Second Sale

I’m a big Anthony Horowitz fan, and have enjoyed his Sherlock Holmes books, along with the more recent Daniel Hawthorne series, and of course Magpie Murders. I would have bought this book on the cover alone and I found the plot really enjoyable and cleverly done.

It’s really two for the price of one as well, as we get the chance to read “Atticus Pünd Takes the Case” in full (no missing chapters this time!) and are given every chance to solve the case along with Susan (a task which I, as usual, failed!). Hopefully there are more to come in this great series from Arrow Books.

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