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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Melissa Calvert reviews if Christopher Nolan’s science fiction film, Interstellar, has the best space CGI in cinema history.

Written by Melissa Calvert

Every space opera lover cannot afford to miss The Interstellar. The movie is a thematic sequel of Christopher Nolan’s original movie The Inception.

The film takes us to the expected dark and horrible future of time distortions and otherworldly landscapes. The science fiction revolves around tragic family secrets propelled forward by spectacular actions. Some of the critics stumble the movie, where it tries to tell the story of humanity.

Interstellar by Christopher Nolan on The Table Read

The Anatomy of the Movie

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Nolan explains how the sets and crew were created to give viewers the best possible reality feel-like experience through CGI. The scenes shot in the cockpit of the space ship played an essential role in the movie as it acted as a moving, leaning, fight stimulator, and bouncing ground. It was designed to actors a realistic space like experience as practical as possible.

The shooting was done physically in the studio, which enabled directors to take from every unique angle that is seen beautifully in the movie. With this, Nolan got unlimited significant directional choices that would have been impossible if actors were not working with physical pieces. Also, it gets the viewers the most genuine reactions as they were interacting with things that were existing physically and moving around.

Beyond the designing of the cockpit, the exteriors and interiors of the entire ship were made to look realistic and intense. According to Nolan, he wanted to make the movie with the feel of a documentary. For this reason, he made every effort with the help of Engineering innovations and GCI to make the film a NASA-feel film. He actually gets a colossal rig built to act as a ship when he was shooting the crew landing scene on the water planet.

Interstellar by Christopher Nolan on The Table Read

Space Opera Rightly Understood

“Nolan is well known for melding granular details and surrealism to make viewers feel they are plummeting through the world of the sparkling screenplay” Says; Mark Kidman, Academist Help.

Undoubtedly, we can confess that the greatest strength of the movie was its visual effects and surprisingly fantastic screenplay thanks to Nolan. The film revolves around four strong characters on a journey to another galaxy via an artificial wormhole present around the orbit of Saturn. The space opera is well understood and presented through the entire piece of IMAX entrance in the wormhole. With the roaring sounds of rock concert level and glittering alien suspense has all the potential to wrap you in the spontaneous level of excitement and wonderment.

A Barren Future

The mind-blowing vistas of space are echoed in a depressing way rather than being an exciting one back on earth. Humans’ living on earth trying to eke out desperately for food and water in massive dust storms and population decline has pictured the prediction of a barren and horrible future.

Interstellar by Christopher Nolan on The Table Read

Viewers never knew what is going to happen next for sure. Crop blights giving constant threats while pumping a dangerous amount of nitrogen into the atmosphere, taking oxygen levels down. Hence, the movie clearly elaborates its likely suffocation will be a massive issue then starvation when the world is about to end.

Time and Relativity

The only issue critics have highlighted in the movie is the unmatched tone of characters with evoked emotions and the outlook of landscapes. The robot TARS was more crackled with personality than the main character itself. Due to relativity distortion, cooper goes off exploring and knowing that he may lose his chance to see his daughter again and instantly steps onto the ship without having a second thought.

Interstellar by Christopher Nolan on The Table Read

Black Hole Similarity

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As NASA released the recent groundbreaking real photos of The Black Hole, it seems like the team Interstellar had already predicted the most unique look of the most discussed space mystery. Astronauts captured the very first image of a real black hole and published the image publically on April 10th, 2019.

The original black hole is showing a red-orange circle expected to be made of gases and dust forming an outline while The Interstellar black hole was created with CGI based on theoretical assumptions by researchers. The innovative technology-enabled Nolan to discover imaginations and creativity of CGI and incorporate it to the accretion disk and gravitational lensing surrounding black hole in the movie.

The black hole in the movie was presented as a three-dimensional sphere, and the exact ring shape surrounding with dust and gases to make a ring shape. Hence, the black hole was correctly portrayed in the movie.

Interstellar by Christopher Nolan on The Table Read

Putting Efforts Together

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Interstellar may seem too torn between the new age spiritual beliefs about quantum physics and science fiction realism. Simply put, the movie has a strong current of cheesiness. Many things may not make sense when we talk about how cosmology works or having missing variables in our astronomical calculations; however, they blame can be partially given to the filmmakers not the whole because they are not bound the science of reality.

In a research crowd writer suggests that creative filmmakers like Nolan are specialized to think beyond boundaries and make turn every stone to get the viewer involved in every piece of storytelling. Hence, movies like Interstellar have something like the futuristic stark and lurking beneath to share the incomprehensible transcendent of imaginations. The only way out is to set your own boundaries.

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