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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Cooper Cannon’s new memoir, Coward Of Love, he shares the intimacies and experiences of life, women and almost everything else.

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Coward Of Love

Coward Of Love by Cooper Canon offers an intriguing glimpse into his experiences of life, dissecting the relationships he’s had over the years back to his childhood, and sharing explicit details aplenty.

As Cooper navigates the landscape of love and relationships, it proves to be a complex and multifaceted journey. This is a tale of love, lust and everything in-between, where no emotion is spared, and every experience is a thread woven into the intricate tapestry of one man’s life, occasionally with hilarious outcomes and occasionally heart wrenching.

The book is an explicit and detailed memoir of life and experiences with women and relationships for better or worse, each one is described and explained in detail and taken stock of and questioned. 

While he originally intended to write a science-fiction novel, Coward of Love is a book that will undoubtedly take readers out of their comfort zone. Unambiguous in his writing, and definitely not for readers under eighteen, this memoir isn’t written to shock, but to make sense of all that has gone before, in order to be better placed for what lays ahead.

Guaranteed to pique the interest of female readers, Cooper Canon may consider himself to be a coward in love, but as an author his courage shines bright.

Cooper Canon

During the Covid lockdowns I started initially to try and make sense of each experience and found myself diving deep into the myriad of emotions each relationship had stirred.  My hope is that readers will take away an understanding of who I am as a person, in this rather confined sphere of life and be able to feel the highs and lows with me along the way.

-Cooper Canon

Cooper Canon was born and raised in East Sussex. Originally intending to write a science fiction novel, these thoughts were soon derailed by the need to tell a far more personal story.

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