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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, challenging the traditionally male-centric historiography, Untold Histories Of Nigerian Women By Tayo Agunbiade brings to light the substantial roles of Nigerian women from 1922 to 2022.

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Untold Histories Of Nigerian Women

Untold Histories Of Nigerian Women by Tayo Agunbiade on The Table Read Magazine
Untold Histories Of Nigerian Women by Tayo Agunbiade

In an era where recognition of women’s roles in history is increasingly sought but often overlooked, Untold Histories Of Nigerian Women: Emerging From The Margins by Tayo Agunbiade is an essential read for anyone interested in an inclusive, diversified understanding of Nigeria’s past.

The product of over three decades of dedicated research, Tayo Agunbiade illuminates the untold stories of Nigerian women who have been crucial in shaping their country’s history and current climate. Untold Histories Of Nigerian Women chronicles their protest movements against colonial administrations, including “monster” petitions on taxation and food price controls. It details a string of remarkable political landmarks which highlight women’s historical credentials as nationalists, as well as their voice in early male-dominated legislative institutions. It also narrates more contemporary episodes in women’s resistance against oil exploitation, environmental pollution and anger over the mass abduction of school girls.

This timely preservation of the voice and agency of Nigerian women from a wide variety of colonial and contemporary documents will benefit readers interested in African history and gender and women’s studies.

A revelatory journey through time, encapsulating a century of struggles, triumphs and steadfast resilience by Nigerian women, the book delves into an extensive array of sources, including colonial-era documents, newspapers and journals. Agunbiade resurrects the voices and experiences of women who fought against oppression, led protests and broke barriers. This narrative enriches the collective understanding of Nigerian history through a gender-inclusive lens.

Tayo Agunbiade

In my journey through the archives and annals of Nigeria’s past, I discovered not just stories of resistance and resilience, but a profound testament to the agency of women in shaping our society.

These women, from Alimotu Pelewura, to the unnamed voices of the protestors, were not merely footnotes in our history. They were its architects. Their stories challenge the entrenched narratives of history that have sidelined their contributions and bring to light the critical role they played in our nation’s evolution. My work seeks not only to acknowledge their struggles and triumphs but also to inscribe their legacies into our collective memory, ensuring they are recognized as integral to our understanding of Nigerian history.

This book is an invitation to explore the depths of their influence and to celebrate the unyielding spirit of Nigerian women across decades.

-Tayo Agunbiade

Tayo Agunbiade is a social historian and author with a 35-year + background in journalism. Her research specialises in women’s history in former British West African colonies including the Two World Wars. Her findings have been translated into articles published on and Her research interests also include legislative institutions, politics and governance with a special focus on gender analysis.

Tayo is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, a member of the Women’s History Network (WHN), the Historical Writers’ Association, Royal African Society, Social History Society and Coordinating Council for Women in History.

She is currently working on her second volume of history which is a trans-national project based on her archival research of an aspect of women’s literary writings and public life accomplishments in West Africa during the British colonial era.

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Learn more about women’s history on the author’s X channel (Twitter): @omotayoagunbiad


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