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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Martine Lachambre recounts a South African childhood blighted by traumatic maternal abuse in new memoir, Martine – The Girl In The Shadows.

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Martine – The Girl In The Shadows

In an extraordinary memoir, Martine – The Girl in the Shadows, Martine Lachambre shares the unimaginable and cruel home life she endured whilst growing up in South Africa where trauma, maternal abuse and never feeling safe in her own home the mainstays of her everyday.

Written in novel format, Martine Lachambre describes with great sensitivity and in emotional detail her traumatic childhood, drawing you into her story. Nobody told Martine when her birthday was nor thought to celebrate it with her. With stoical self-sufficiency, and heartbreak in the face of a multitude of abusive and neglectful situations, school and neighbours’ homes were Martine’s only sanctuary.

Bursting with the young Martine’s courage, resilience and determination to navigate herself to a new and safe life, it was her intelligence and independence that allowed her to find comfort and eventually love after meeting Kenneth at 13 before loosing contact with him, reuniting with him at 16 and marrying him at 17.

Eloquent and compelling, the good news is that Martine is still happily married to Kenneth.  And with her bravery leaping from the page, the decision to share her story is one that showcases that however traumatic one phase of life is, it doesn’t have to become the blueprint going forward.

Martine Lachambre

Martine Lachambre is 56 years old and has two chihuahua dogs that keep her busy.

I am currently studying for a BSc Hons in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Portsmouth University.

I wrote my autobiography because every time a mentioned a small episode of my childhood, people would say you should write a book, so eventually I did.

I am still married to Kenneth, and we have two daughters and a gorgeous 13 year old granddaughter.

-Martine Lachambre

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