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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in novella, Unspoken Love by Trisha Caress, legal secretary Essence’s obsession with the man with no name switches from daydream fantasy to larger than life reality.

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Unspoken Love

Unspoken Love by Trisha Caress is the perfect page-turning, easy read for relaxing on the sun lounger this summer, or who wants to spice up their everyday life at home.

28-year-old legal secretary Essence was brought up in a single parent home by her loving father Claude Dawson after her mum abandoned both of them when she was only five years old. Now, Essence feels stuck in a rut with her boring boyfriend Calvin and dreams of more for her life, when an unexpected sight in the pool maybe just the “more” she is after.

The man with no name as we come to know him, because she hasn’t yet spoke to him, becomes an obsession for Essence, in her dreams and in reality. 

Essence’s work life is hectic, with drama, sex, affairs, and drugs around every corner, and she becomes a confidante for many people. Next, her basic boyfriend reveals he has been having an affair and will be leaving her for his mistress, then she gets sudden and surprising news that her father and rock, who has been there for her through thick and thin, has been admitted into hospital with prostate cancer. He admits that he knew all along, he just didn’t know how to tell his beautiful daughter, the one who had been dependent on him for so long.

When Claude sadly passes, Essence’s life spirals out of control. She locks herself away, consumed by prescribed meds and alcohol, killing herself with intention. Life has changed so much in the last month and its become to much to bear, and Essence soon finds herself being admitted to hospital, after being found by Calvin.  

Trisha Caress on The Table Read Magazine
Trisha Caress

She vows to make a change in her life, and the handsome doctor at the hospital seems to be keen on helping her do just that, maybe even too keen. Dr Patrick, successful, handsome and an amazing career, is perhaps what Essence needs, but all that glistens isn’t gold as she soon finds out, stalked and bombarded definitely isn’t the change she was after, and she needs to get away before its too late. 

Calvin throughout everything with her father and her own admission into hospital, hasn’t left her side, he himself now has regrets but is it too late for him to turn it all around? Or is the man with no name about to make an appearance but this time in person? 

Absorbing her readers completely in her protagonist’s dilemmas, the author’s introduction of the intriguing man with no name delivers a storyline suspense rarely seen in romance novels; and much to everyone’s delight, offers Essence the potential that true love and happiness may not just be a pipe dream.

Trisha Caress

I am a working mother of three beautiful children: Mica, my Diamond; Jeremiah, my Sunshine; and Josiah, my Star. My husband is John, my heart, I love them all so deeply, and without their support this wouldn’t be possible.

My passion for writing, and different styles of writing, has been with me for the longest time. My other books include I Am Black – an outlook on the life of black people of the past and the pioneers who have paved the way, for the rights and equality of today.

My children’s forever series of books, My Name is – explains to children that even though we are all different we are the same. Midnight Shopping – A fictional thriller, following the journey of  twisted murderer, Rodger.  Rabbit – A children’s book, a tale of friendship and adventure.

-Trisha Caress

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