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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Joseph Estevez’s Isaac Abrams, a young Jewish man return home from studying in Israel to find his friends have changed their minds about living an orthodox life.

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Isaac Abrams

Isaac Abrams by Joseph Estevez on The Table Read Magazine
Isaac Abrams by Joseph Estevez

In Joseph Estevez’s first novel, Isaac Abrams, readers will instantly take eponymous protagonist Isaac Abrams and his religious conundrum to their hearts as he returns home to Golders Green in London, after studying at yeshiva in Israel, to find that his best friends have become irreligious. Taking it upon himself to bring his friends back to Judaism, Isaac finds his inner contempt for them only drives them away.

This contemporary and refreshing story about friendship and judging others, sees Isaac decide whether or not he can adopt a more tolerant attitude towards his friends’ differences in lifestyle.

Exploring how the changing tides of friendships affect people, Isaac Abrans is a story of tolerance and understanding that we’ve all got the right to follow our own paths.

Finding favour with readers of many faiths, Joseph Estevez is able to use just 211 pages to keep his audience entertained and edified on all aspects of Judaism.

Joseph Estevez

Joseph Estevez on The Table Read Magazine
Joseph Estevez

Born in New York City in 1994, Joseph Estevez started writing fiction at the age of five. He graduated from The City College of New York in 2018, where he studied music and started reading literary journals to expose himself to works of fiction by contemporary writers. As these literary journals contained works of poetry, he developed an appreciation of poetry and started writing his own. At around the same time, he became inspired to paint.

In March 2021, he self-published his first book, Poems, on Amazon. His poems have since been featured in The Poet, WestWard Quarterly, Poetry Quarterly, and Dream Catcher. Poems, Book Two was released in 2022. He published his first short story collection, Stories, in January 2023. He published a novella titled The Calling in May 2023.

In February 2023, he completed The Negev, a painting portraying the southern desert of Israel. As of April 2023, prints on canvas are available for sale online on his Etsy shop.

In November 2023, he published his debut novel, Isaac Abrams.

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