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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, set in 1970s Bermuda, The Governors by Timothy Jephson is a tale of murder and racial unrest as Governor Sharples finds himself pitted against the Black Beret Cadre.

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The Governors

Having lived and worked in Bermuda, Timothy Jephson became fascinated by true events which consumed the island in the early 1970s. Deciding to turn that fascination into a debut novel, he released an intriguing tale brimming with idealism, murder and complex protagonists who wanted change, regardless of the cost.

In The Governors, Bermuda is being rocked by riots and the Police Commissioner is murdered as the very fabric of 1970’s Island society is being dismantled. Highly decorated veteran from World War II, Governor Sharples, arrives to restore peace, but the democratic process to eradicate racial inequality is taking too long for the Black Beret Cadre who seek change by any means.

After declaring their Death List, the Black Beret Cadre launch a decade of terror and a cloud of fear smothers the Island. By the end of the storm, five murders have been committed, young love has been decimated, and countless families have been destroyed. Two of the guilty face the death penalty, the last executions to ever be carried out on British Territory, sending shock waves through the British Establishment.

Timothy Jephson’s attention to detail and thorough research of this transformative moment in Bermuda’s history makes a page-turning and entertaining read, and introduces a whole new audience to the realities of who and how this Caribbean paradise managed to reduce racial inequality and put into play much needed social and democratic change.

Timothy Jephson

I lived in London before moving abroad to work in Bermuda. The sequel to ‘The Governors’ series is well under way, titled ‘Deleted.’ Whilst living in Bermuda, I became intrigued with the tragic events that inspired The Governors.

Although this novel is historical fiction based on real events surrounding the assassinations and subsequent hangings, the Pitt Inquiry report, and secondly, Governor Ramsbotham’s report to the Foreign Office, are both real documents and draw their own conclusions. Many of the recommendations that the Pitt Report made, were acted upon, and Governor Ramsbotham is credited as being one of the pioneers of effecting lasting social and democratic change and reducing racial inequality on the island.

The UK continues to abolish the death penalty, and the hanging of Burrows and Tacklyn remain the last executions to be carried out in any British Territory.

-Timothy Jephson

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