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 On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, set in the near future, Andrew Salter’s Island On Fire sees Bill on the run as Britain is ravaged by a war between the pan European Shield Movement and a Christian fundamentalist USA.

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Island On Fire

Dark and dehumanising sci-fi novel, Island On Fire by Andrew Salter, gets the adrenaline pumping from the very first page.

A die-hard maverick sentenced to death for avenging the murder of his family, Bill Mortimer has been granted a reprieve by The Shield, the authoritarian movement now ruling the UK. In return for his life, he is conscripted into a bloody war and risks a different kind of death.

Dr Martha Franshell, a talented geneticist who performs illegal modifications on unborn babies, has been imprisoned by the Vice and Virtue squad for her crimes against morality. Against the backdrop of a war-ravaged country where civilisation is crumbling, the two are thrown together by a set of perilous circumstances, pitted against each other in a bid to save their own lives.

Surrounded by brutal military forces, religious zealots and marauding cannibals, Mortimer and Franshell must ultimately stare down the barrel of human depravity at its worst to survive. But not all endings are happy ones as readers are left wondering at what point would they leave their humanity at the door in order to survive.

Fast-paced, brutal and thought provoking, Andrew Salter has most definitely hit the literary ground running, and with the calibre of praise already garnered, an eager fanbase already awaits his next literary offering.

Andrew Salter

After twenty years working in IT for a financial services company in London, Andrew Salter moved back to the West Country, where he now spends his time hiking the Dorset – Devon borderland and the local coastline.

He developed Island On Fire from an original film screenplay that was probably too ambitious and costly for a first-time writer.

His other interests include military history, cricket, football and music.

Island on Fire is a story set in a near future West where the economy and living standards have crashed and those two pillars of stability and continuity, the United States of America and Europe, have turned against each other. 

What makes this scenario so interesting are the moral dilemmas it presents for the individual. Do you subjugate your own values, or do you make a stand against the bad guys?

For me probably the most shocking aspect of World War II is not the destruction wrought by armies and air forces but the actions of large numbers of civilians, who did not just turn a blind eye but also voluntarily assisted in the suffering of millions of others. Although by the end of the century, normal service seemed to be restored with new technology to distract us. History was over. But the West still seems to love a good war, especially if it is overseas and far away against a country that is easy to obliterate.  But just recently war seems to be getting closer to home and not quite so easy.

-Andrew Salter

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