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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, set in Devonshire as pestilence is sweeping the land, No Going Back By Susan Frances follows young Lord Thomas De Chiddleigh looking after the family estate when he meets the radical and charismatic priest Rulf.

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No Going Back

The second book of The Chiddleigh Saga, No Going Back by Susan Frances, focuses on young Lord Thomas de Chiddleigh, the offspring of Joan de Conteigh and Sir John de Chiddleigh, and his efforts to put duty ahead of his own personal and forbidden desires.

Set in Devonshire, England, in 1348 as the plague is sweeping the land, No Going Back sees Young Lord Thomas de Chiddleigh sent home from school only to discover that the plague has reached his estate, forcing him to take on the role of Lord of the Manor.

Desperate to avoid the plague and save the few surviving people, Thomas leads them to a remote farmstead, intending to wait out the plague and return to his studies in the spring. However, the farmstead is derelict, and with few supplies Thomas and his group face a perilous winter.

No One Must Know by Susan Frances on The Table Read Magazine
No One Must Know by Susan Frances

Tensions mount as the inexperienced Thomas clashes repeatedly with his workers, some of whom are harbouring dark secrets about his family.

Thomas’s life is further complicated when he meets Rulf, a young man who has levels of confidence Thomas can only dream of. As their friendship deepens, and past secrets are revealed, Thomas has to decide between the duty he hates, his burning passion for knowledge and his forbidden love.

This is a story about two young people and their struggles between what society expects and their desires. It explores the differences between the noble and peasant classes and set against the backdrop of day-to-day medieval life, it immerses the reader in the period and examines forbidden love.

Eloquently painting a portrait of the hardships – both physical and mental – of life in the 1330’s, Susan Frances’s inspiration for this series comes from her own personal family history. 

Susan Frances

I was born in a small village in Surrey, England. I wrote stories from an early age and still have some of them from when I was 7 years old, and the spellings are lovely. I continued writing until exams and college took over.

As a child my summer holidays were always spent in Devon, and I was fascinated by my grandfather’s tales about our Devon family roots.

Years later, I began to research the family history and many documents and files later, I wondered what to do with all the data I had accumulated. There was a situation in 1840 that made me think – Why did she do that? Did she, do it? I could write a book about that! So began The Chiddleigh Saga.

I moved to Devon and lived in the village which formed the setting for No One Must Know, Book 1 of The Chiddleigh Saga.

I now live on the Devon coast and enjoy walking with my husband, Bill, and our dog, Monty.

-Susan Frances

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