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The Table Read is a Siren Stories publication. Across the platforms available, we are sharing, celebrating and promoting incredible people and products.

Siren Stories

Our main website, featuring our own work, including the books, films and music produced by Siren Stories creatives, with a blog to feature the work of others in those industries.

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The Table Read

The Table Read is our arts, entertainment and creativity magazine. This is a broadstroke platform featuring artists, authors, designers, podcasters, actors and more.

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Hollowhood is our site to celebrate our own film, Hollowhood, but where we are also celebrating and promoting film and television work, both independently produced and studio produced.

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JJ Barnes

Siren Stories creative, JJ Barnes, is blogging about her interests in lifestyle, entertainment, parenting and women’s interest, and is open to featuring the work of people working in those areas.

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