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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in modern day psychological thriller, The Empathist by Alex Franklyn, Amy appears to have it all but is disassociated from her unhealed past before finding her fury to rise up and be heard.

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The Empathist

Destined to be one of the most chilling and darkest thrillers of the year, The Empathist by Alex Franklyn centres on the demons that protagonist Amy has repressed for so many years. Now, circumstances outside her control coincide as both her psychotherapist and her work supervisor becoming unavailable to her as her father is dying. Amy’s world spectacularly unravels and unleashes a chain of dark, psychological and murderous intent.

The Empathist By Alex Franklyn on The Table Read Magazine
The Empathist By Alex Franklyn

In her thirties with her own house and a successful career, Amy appears to have it all, but in reality, she is running from a past she does not want to remember, and that thanks to years of medication, she had forgotten. But a triggering sequence of events leading up to her Father’s death have started to scratch again at the wall holding back her repressed memories.

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The feelings creep back in so slowly, she isn’t aware of her own mind as her carefully constructed life begins to unravel at the seams with catastrophic consequences for those around her. As an unhealed past rises up violently to be acknowledged, Amy must finally understand who she was in order to determine what will she become. But there are deadly risks of bonding with the shattered self…

Exploring the premise that whilst living a ‘normal’ life, we all have buried deep within ourselves, a mountain of unhealed ‘stuff,’ The Empathist is the story of what happens when that ‘stuff’ erupts.

With its intriguing protagonist and the exploration her incendiary behaviour, Alex Franklyn’s knowledge of her subject matter and her pitch perfect timing when it comes to drip feeding suspense, The Emphasist is without doubt a standout read.

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Alex Franklyn

The story came about from a discussion I had whilst I was working in one of the many social care sectors over the years. I’d had a discussion with a trainee who was on placement as was of the opinion that there was no need to have personal therapy … I argued that we all have unhealed stuff that will get triggered by the people we work with.

I remember that my therapist retired, and my supervisor returned to teaching in a university both within a month of each other. I said imagine (like many) if you were on medication yourself, if you lost all supports at the same time, how it could all go very wrong, especially if you had a lot of trauma, you were also running from.

I then thought Ooo … that sounds like an interesting idea for a book!

-Alex Franklyn

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