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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, creators of the world’s first strongly spirited sorbet cocktails, Xīn and Voltaire, are thrilled to announce its exclusive launch at Selfridges, London.

Xin and Voltaire on The Table Read Magazine
Xin and Voltaire

Sorbet Cocktails

Breaking boundaries to serve maximum pleasure straight from the tub with a cooler alternative to a cocktail, Xīn and Voltaire sorbet cocktails are now available in the iconic Foodhall at Selfridge’s Oxford Street flagship store.

Combining the exceptional and intricate flavours of a refined cocktail with the unique frozen mouthfeel of a sorbet, Xīn and Voltaire invites customers to indulge in a truly unique and pleasurable experience, making it the perfect respite during the summer heat and a delightful addition to a shopping trip.

With a diverse menu of four sorbet cocktails, each blend is sure to cater to various palates and captivate the senses. From the floral, light and elegant notes of Florian, the vibrant combination of Dark Rum, Coconut Liqueur and Mango in Alphonse, the effervescent Giselle with Mezcal and Raspberry, and finally Aurelie’s notes of wood and caramel released from Single Malt Whisky and Amaretto.

Enjoy the perfect harmony of taste, style, and luxury, with Selfridges and Xīn and Voltaire this summer, and be transported to a world of refreshment and indulgence, from the first bite to the last sip.

We are thrilled to bring Xīn and Voltaire to Selfridges, London. We have meticulously crafted each sorbet cocktail to ensure a harmonious balance of flavours, delivering an unrivalled sensory experience. Our collaboration with Selfridges allows us to share our passion for unapologetic pleasure, creating moments of pure enjoyment amidst their customer’s shopping adventures.

-Grace Ubawuchi, CEO and Founder

Xīn and Voltaire

Xīn & Voltaire is an avant-garde Maison de Glace that has created the world’s first strongly-spirited sorbet cocktail. A cooler alternative to a cocktail, Xīn and Voltaire fuses the realms of mixology and frozen desserts to create an unparalleled sensory experience. From the first bite to the last sip.

Founded in 2017, Xīn and Voltaire was born to challenge the capabilities of alcohol and ice to push the boundaries of how cocktails can be savoured.

With a deep desire for heightened sensorial experiences, Grace always sought perfectly crafted cocktails and desserts, however, felt she often had to choose between the two. She wanted to have her cocktail, and eat it too.

With this no compromise take on pleasure, and ‘why not?’ attitude, she set out on a journey to elevate alcohol beyond its liquid state.

Unafraid of breaking the rules and blurring the lines between food and drink, she created a new sensorial experience; Xīn and Voltaire sorbet cocktails were born.

Crafted with passion and artistry, Xīn and Voltaire’s exquisite offerings cater to diverse palates, providing a refreshing respite and a perfect addition to any occasion. By day, enjoyed alfresco or by night, a delicious digestif, Xīn and Voltaire break all the rules and rituals of traditional cocktails in the pursuit of unapologetic pleasure.

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