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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, leading London coffee company, Grind, has announced its latest collaboration with British homeware designer and artist, Henry Holland.

Henry Holland for Grind on The Table Read Magazine
Henry Holland for Grind

Grind Coffee Tin

In a collaboration between coffee company Grind and Henry Holland Studio, a limited edition Grind coffee tin, printed with Holland’s signature marble print, and a special limited edition hand built mug have been released exclusively at Grind.

The partnership brings together two East London brands that are each celebrated for their craft, in coffee and ceramics, respectively. Whether taking time out to enjoy a coffee or carving out time for yourself, the collaboration celebrates the daily rituals that bring moments of calm to our busy lives. 

The former Creative Director of fashion label House of Holland, Henry first discovered a love of ceramics while seeking a creative outlet during the pandemic. Using an interpretation of the Nerikomi technique, he and his small team of makers hand build each and every piece in his Hackney studio and the collaboration’s exclusive mug is no different.  

The collaboration pieces will be sold both as a gift set, and individually, and customers can choose from home-compostable pods, ground coffee or whole bean coffee for inclusion in their limited edition tin. Customers will also be able to sign up for a Grind subscription and receive the limited edition tin for free alongside their first delivery of coffee.

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It is a privilege to design beautiful things that people are willing to live with, to contribute to someone’s personal environment in this way, to be treasured, and to build treasured things, that’s the kind of connection we are all looking for.

-Henry Holland

Our latest collaboration with Henry Holland celebrates great design born out of London, where we are proud to roast our coffee beans and produce our sustainable coffee products. Henry’s patterns and designs elevate any space and we are proud to have worked with an artist and designer, who like Grind, is seeking to create quality pieces that move beyond the mass market products that seem destined for landfills.

-CEO of Grind, David Abrahamovitch


About Grind

London-born cult coffee brand Grind is helping people make better, more sustainable coffee at home, with their compostable Nespresso® pods. Filled with organic coffee, ethically sourced from sustainable farms around the world, great coffee, doing good. Roasted daily in London, Brooklyn and LA, Grind sells tens of millions of pods to customers around the world each year. Grind can be found at members clubs, hotels and restaurants internationally through a global partnership with Soho House, as well as on shelves at retailers including Selfridges and Ocado. Grind has been serving coffee across London hot spots for a decade, in their own cafés and restaurants, having first opened in Shoreditch in 2011.

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About Better Coffee Foundation®

Through the Better Coffee Foundation®, we’ve launched an ongoing initiative to clean up the waste left by the single-use coffee pods. Whilst our home-compostable coffee pods are an alternative to the billions of plastic and aluminium pods that end up in landfill we realised there’s more we can do to reverse some of the damage caused by the wider coffee industry. Via donations from Grind to the Foundation we’re committed to removing two coffee pods worth of plastic for every Grind pod sold. Right now, that’s equal to us removing more than 100,000 plastic pods from the ocean every day.*

*In fact, we’ll be preventing plastic pollution before it reaches the ocean – via our partnership with Cleanhub. Supporting communities in Kerala, South West India to recover plastic waste through education, recycling incentives, ocean beach cleanups and improved recycling infrastructure. 

Find more now:


Better Coffee Foundation®

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