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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Jannah’s Children from Safoo Publications helps those aged 12 and up understand conflicts around the world, from natives of Argentina to Kashmir, the Rohingya Muslims, Yazidis, Ukraine and Palestine.

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Jannah’s Children

With UNICEF data establishing that the world’s population of under 18’s currently stands at almost 2.4 billion. the publication of Jannah’s Children feels more important than ever.

With Jannah meaning Heaven in Arabic, this illuminating and edifying book educates readers aged between 12 to 18 with easily digestible and age appropriate information about the situations and conflicts around the world, and what the people in the different countries affected have been subjected to, or are currently facing.

Jannah’s Children provides a brief history of some nations, ethnicities, and religious groups, which have been purposefully targeted in order to eliminate their people, along with information on geographical locations, history, cultures, and customs. The goal of this book is to educate the reader while simultaneously instilling empathy for all of humanity and inspiring kindness.

Included are 40 different nations and conflicts: Argentina Natives, Afghanistan, Hazaras, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, Bosnia, Lebanon, Rohingya Muslims, Yazidis, Ivory coast, Congo, Nigeria, Haiti, The indigenous Native American Indians, Native Canadians, north and south Korea, Palestine, The 7 Lost Shia villages, Nigeria, Namibia, south Africa and more.

Written by a team on a mission to educate our next generation of adults to be aware of what is happening around the world in the hope that their humanity and kindness will create change, a copy of Jannah’s Children should be on the book shelves of every school library and in the family homes of all of those praying that peace and harmony is a viable option.

Safoo Publications

Although this book has a Muslim theme to it, my hope is that people of all faiths or none, might find it informative.

-Amal Al-Aride, founder of Safoo Publications

Safoo Publications is a team effort, that includes educators, historians, religious scholars, illustrators and writers. The guidance on all religious content is from a board of religious scholars, from multiple denominations to enquire the most authentic teachings for young minds.

Safoo’s purpose is the pursuit of truth, to be just and capture the ethos of what faith is all about. Safoo captures the authentic teachings of Islam, to future generations.

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