Watercolour On Wood by Peter Penwith Exhibited in Slaters Bar

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On Monday 15th November, Slater’s Bar in Stafford hosted local artist Peter Penwith.

Peter Penwith exhibiting Watercolour On Wood at Slater's Bar on The Table Read
Peter Penwith exhibiting Watercolour On Wood at Slater’s Bar

Watercolour On Wood

Peter Penwith’s work features landscapes, buildings, and abstract work in watercolour on wood. He explained to visitors how the wood itself becomes part of the painting, changing the colours used as they mingle with the grain of the wood.

“I discovered this technique by accident,” he told me. “I had been asked to paint a hare for my son, Tom, and before putting paint to canvas I decided to practice on an old piece of wood. When I saw the effect it had, I knew I had found something special. Since then, watercolour on wood has been my preferred medium.”

He went on to explain how the wood itself seems to choose how the final image will look, what shows through and how the colours are changed. It makes the wood a partner in his craft, rather than just something that receives the paint without having any input.

Slater’s Bar

Attended by friends and family of Peter Penwith, and patrons of Slater’s Bar, Peter Penwith exhibited his work from 12 noon until 9pm. The artist himself was on hand to talk about the work, even inspiring young children with lessons in how they too can recreate the effect.

The paintings exhibited included scenes from Venice, Shrewsbury, beaches of Wales, and Stone Henge. Peter talked to the visitors about how the landscapes have changed since his painted them, and how interesting it is to compare then and now.

Surrounded by Christmas decorations and listening to folk music, drinks were enjoyed and art was celebrated in Slater’s Bar.

Commission Peter Penwith

Peter Penwith is available to commission for custom works of art.

Phone: 01785 780622 or 07738 906240

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