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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, discover five of the best spiritual short stories that teach children about morality, inspiration and determination.

Spiritual Short Stories on The Table Read
Spiritual Short Stories

Stories about Spirituality and inner beauty inspire people. In these spiritual short stories, you will learn about spirituality, inner peace and spiritual growth.

This article is great for kids because every story teaches morality, encouragement, inspiration and determination in readers. So let’s start with the five Spiritual Short stories that can change your life.

Spiritual Short Stories on The Table Read

Think before you open your mouth

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A group of frogs were travelling in a jungle. They were walking and saw a river and they all jumped in and took a deep dip. In the group, two of the frogs were drowned in the river as it was very deep and impossible to get out.

The group of frogs on the upper side encouraged the frogs to get out and be brave, but when they saw that the frogs couldn’t get out they lost hope, and started saying to other frogs, “You will also die, don’t be pressurised, die peacefully.” But one frog was trying again and again.

After some time, they were about to give up and go, but saw that the frog had managed to climb out. No one believed what just happened!

After he came out, they discovered he was a deaf frog and had believed that they were encouraging him not telling him to give up, and therefore he found the strength to climb out.


First think, then speak.

People’s words can affect your life so much, so think before you speak because it can be a changing movement for a person. So, think before you open your mouth. Your words can give someone a life, and they can lead anyone to death. Be kind, be careful.

Hardwork is the key

Once there was a fox wandering for food, but couldn’t find anything to eat. After some time of trying very hard and feeling hungry, she found a tree of grapes.

They were very beautiful grapes and she was trying to get to them, but the grapes were at the top of the tree. She was trying to think of what she could do so that she could reach the grapes, but after some time she felt it was lost. So she gave up and went away, saying to herself that grapes were sour.


It’s easy to despise what you cannot have.

In this story, the real lesson is about hard work. I you are lazy and won’t work hard, you are like a fox who said the grapes are sour. So, if you need anything you have to work for it. In this world there is nothing impossible, the word impossible is saying that I M Possible.

Spiritual Stories on The Table Read

The Wise Man

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Once there was a wise man, who was very wise and solved problems of the people.

One day, a man visited him and told him about his problems. The next day, he came again and told about the same problems as the day before. Over he next days, he complained about the same problems time and time again. So, the wise man thought about what advice he should gave him to take away this mentality.

One day, he called the people to come and he told them a joke. Everyone laughed out loud. Then again he told them same joke, everyone laughed a little. Then he told them the same joke again, but this time no one laughed but they smiled. The fourth time he told the same joke again, no one smiled or laughed. Then he repeated the joke again and again. Now anyone was not only getting bored, also furious at that wise man.

Why did he keep saying the saying the same words again and again?

Then Wise man admonished them, he said that same words again and again can’t solve your problems, and you have to change your joke or words. He told the man to make changes, rather than complaining about the same thing time and time again and doing nothing.


Worrying can’t solve your problems

This story will encourage you to bring changes to your life. Do something for you, and your relatives, and your friends to improve your lives. If you are making good changes and improving your lives, keep going.

Spiritual Stories on The Table Read

Action is as important as prayer

One there was a man stuck in the river. He was praying to God, “Will save me? God you have to save me!”

A man walked past him, and offered to help, but he said, “No thanks, God will help me.”

After some time in the river, the man drowned.When he met to God in Heaven, he asked God, “Why didn’t you help me?” God replied, “I sent a man. Why didn’t you accept his help?”


God helps those who help themselves. Action is as important as Prayer. Be spiritual, but be a hard worker, and then you will be successful.


These stories explain the spiritual morals that we should adapt in our lives, to teach us to be good people who find success without hurting others.

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