Alpaca Owning Female Money Coach Whos Living Her Dream Knocks New York Times Bestseller Off The Top Spot

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You’ll find her just as happy pottering around with her alpacas in the garden, as travelling the world on global adventures, but award-winning financial adviser and money coach, Claire Sweet hasn’t always had the financial security to choose how to spend her time and in her new global best-selling book, ‘Have Life Your Way’, she wants to give every woman (no matter their age, location or career choice), the opportunity, not just for financial security, but for financial freedom.

Claire Sweet, author of Have Life Your Way, on The Table Read
Claire Sweet

Claire Sweet

Claire, 45, from Hoath, near Canterbury Kent, Founder of Peace Together Money Coaching ( is this week celebrating the launch of her inspirational book ‘Have Life Your Way’, which flew straight in at Number 1 on the Amazon bestseller charts in 6 categories including Financial Retirement planning, knocking New York Times Best Seller Dave Ramsey off the top spot and Small Business Accounting and Finance overtaking ‘Booking and Accounting for Dummies’. Other categories she hit No. 1 in were Investing, Business Accounting, International Business and Finance and International Finance.

In ‘Have Life Your Way’ Claire, who has over 15 years’ experience helping hundreds of clients to plan for their future retirement, follow their dreams, protect their families and buy their dream homes, covers topics such as: managing your money, utilising your income, enjoying the benefits of your earnings, challenging ingrained money mind-sets, managing your accounts, as well as offering many other financial lessons and top tips… all with a view to helping you to “live your wealthy life forever, without the money running out”.

Have Life Your Way

Her signature straight talking non jargon style can be found in the chapter titles, which include ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’, ‘The Ostrich’ and ‘Your comfort blanket’ and in her introduction when she asks…

“Are you ready to look at money in a different way, and have a simple and fun way to get it working for you, as hard as it can, leaving money along the way for gin, holidays and the things that make life fun?

Claire Sweet, author of Have Life Your Way, on The Table Read

(This is not going to be one of those personal finance books that tells you to scrimp and save, spend every penny repaying debt and make you feel guilty about how you want to spend the money you earn.) I’m going to show you how you can take all that money that you’re making and turn it into real wealth. So that your money makes more money.”

Getting in control of your wealth is the single most important thing you can do to secure your own future, yet so many of us wait for a profound life event to jolt us into action. Theres no need to wait until something or someone forces your hand. I dont want anybody wasting their life waiting for a rich husband or a lottery win! Putting your financial security in the hands of anyone else is not worth the heartache and women these days deserve to celebrate the success theyve worked so hard for, and secure their finances so that they never need to worry. AND NEW FLASH… You dont have to live by candlelight and eat economy-baked beans to get there! Its time for us to stop telling ourselves were no good with money and get stuck in.”

My mission isnt that of a typical financial adviser. I dont want to tell women what to do; I want to hold their hand whilst they do it.”

Claire’s Career

Claire hasn’t always worked in this field. After graduating, Claire worked for 17 years in the pharmaceuticals sector before deciding to change tack and qualify as a mortgage and protection adviser, and then in 2016 as a financial adviser- but from there she has used the power of everything she’s learnt to create a life she loves. Claire now runs a multi-six-figure business, whilst working four days a week, advising other entrepreneurs on their money matters from the bottom of her garden in her bespoke home office, lovingly looking out at her family of alpacas. Claire is reminded daily of how she has created a life she loves, putting a plan in place of what she wanted her life to look like, and then working backwards to make the finances enable this. This is what she wants to support others in achieving.

Claire hasn’t always had financial independence either it’s something she’s fought for, having suffered through two traumatic divorces and having left a heavily controlling relationship. She said “I never seemed to have a voice or choice. All of this came with an emotional and financial cost – but when I was 22, I had a light-bulb moment of realisation and determination that my future and my finances were going to be handled by no-one else but me.”

I am in the fortunate position of now being financially independent, but when discussing my situation with friends, many of them were so afraid of what would happen to them if they found themselves in similar circumstances. I realised then that what I wanted to do is help women gain their financial wings!”

Claire Sweet, author of Have Life Your Way, on The Table Read

Peace Together Money Coaching

So, in 2015 Claire launched Peace Together Money Coaching, and over the years she has worked with hundreds of people globally as she continues to change the face of financial advising, she said: “This isnt stuffy financial planning – but straight-talking, real-world steps to feel in complete control of your money, wherever youre starting from.”

Have Life Your Way’, is another tool in Claire’s kit, as she continues her mission to help others take action, delve deeper into their own money matters and start seeing everyday changes within their own finances.

She said:When I went into the world of finance, I always wanted to be a different sort of financial adviser – and in the same way, I wanted to create a different sort of finance book. Something user-friendly and easy to follow, that feels more like a holiday paperback than a business or financial guide – but, something that is packed with actionable steps that make a massive difference to how the reader feels about their money and their wealth-building journey.”

Claire said:I passionately believe that understanding your money is the first step to building the life you desire, but so many of the finance books out there are jargon-heavy and take hours to plough through – often leaving the reader no further ahead than when they started. With more women than ever being the main breadwinner (or being in charge of the household finances) it’s crucial that they have accurate easily digestible and accessible information, so that they can make the best possible choices for their families future.”

Claire’s book is available via

Claire Sweet, author of Have Life Your Way, on The Table Read

Top Tips For Helping Your Money Grow

Claires book is full of incredible actionable steps and advice; here are her quick 5 top tips for helping your money grow…

1.         Don’t be an Ostrich! Start by getting your head out of the ground and facing your money problems head on! What we don’t deal with today will only deal with us tomorrow.

2.         Start by Journaling Your Money Mindset – This helps you understand the very core of your attitudes, fears and hopes about finance…. and then helps you to maintain the really healthy habits and knock the negative ones out the park!

3.         Get the Foundations Right – It’s important to get the foundations right; making your money work hardest for you by assessing everything from your earnings and outgoings to the way you manage your tax, to savings, investments, and even credit… and employing the services of a financial adviser as and when you need to

4.         Money Goals – Create your money goals and then take practical everyday action to prioritise them!

5.         Set-up Your Spending Pots – this sounds like the most basic financial lesson of all, and it’s so simple, but by carving out necessities from niceties and niceties from dream funds, you ensure you can live in peace knowing your everyday commitments are taken care of, and anything else carries a no-guilt price tag.

Authors & Co

The book has been published by the award-winning team at Authors & Co, who work to showcase and celebrate empowering stories of women. Authors & Co have already changed the lives of many entrepreneurs from around the world, having helped hundreds globally to become best-selling authors, whilst reaching millions of readers worldwide.  Founder of Authors & Co Abigail Horne said:This is an absolute gem of a book! My heartfelt congratulations to Claire.”

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