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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, veteran television producer Geoffrey Seed releases his fourth political thriller, Death In A Time Of Conspiracy, an international tale of deceit and double cross.

Death In A Time Of Conspiracy

Death In A Time Of Conspiracy
Death In A Time Of Conspiracy

Geoffrey Seed’s fourth novel, Death In A Time Of Conspiracy, coming March 28, 2023, immediately piques the interest of readers with its intelligent and authentic storytelling.

Death in a Time of Conspiracy is a standout option in the ever-popular thriller genre due to the combination of Geoffrey Seed’s familiarity with his subject matter and innate skill as a novelist. His well-placed sources across law enforcement know the ways of Whitehall, and their experiences and his own underpin an intriguing narrative where good guys and bad guys operate by the same murderous rules and are almost impossible to tell apart.

Questions naturally arise when a British Army helicopter crashes in Wales, killing the female pilot. Was terrorism involved? Who were the terrorists, if so? And why did some individuals refuse to acknowledge that they had an agent on board who they wished dead? The pilot’s death triggers the unraveling of five secret but intertwined lives, including the radical clergyman father’s, all too soon as the law of unexpected consequences kicks in.

This Russian doll of a story moves quickly through Northern Ireland, Scandinavia, South Africa, and South America before coming to a brutal end with a wickedly unexpected twist.

Geoffrey Seed

Geoffrey Seed spoke with terrorists, those who would kill them, undercover agents, cops, spooks, army intelligence officers, and the people who give their deniable operations political cover—in the national interest—while working for leading investigative programs like BBC Panorama and World in Action.

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He has been detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and investigated under the Official Secrets Act as an investigative TV producer. He and his insider witnesses risked two years in prison for exposing MI5’s spying on peace campaigners and trades unionists.

He has gained a unique perspective as a result of these experiences, enabling him to create an insightful narrative that deviates from the conventional “good versus bad” format.

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Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers, Death In a Time of Conspiracy (ISBN: 978-1-80378-104-4) is published on 28th March 2023 and is available in paperback (£12.99) and Kindle format.

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