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Beauty Blogger Rosi Ross on The Table Read

Written By Rosi Ross

How It Began

It began in 2015, when I was just 24 years old I got scouted by a Chinese company to ex-pat me to China. I wanted to come here as most of the businesses in Panama City-Panama (where I am from) belong to Chinese people. The company that ex-pat me Suscong Ltd, is a well-known healthcare company in Dongguan (the old manufacturing capital of China). They hired me, basically, for my Digital Expertise in CrossBorder, and my knowledge of Digital/Marketing/Aesthetics from Brands.

I got first-hand experience in the factory and how factories work in general, mostly fashion as my goal was to know my own fashion brand after this experience. I didn’t know Chinese or had ever been to China before, but this was a no-brainer for me, and the best spontaneous decision ever. 

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Launching My Beauty Business

Beauty Blogger Rosi Ross on The Table Read
Rosi Ross

 My first website launched 4 years ago was where I started writing about fashion and beauty. With time I realized that the language barrier, and the lack of understanding about China itself and how things work in China, were limitations. I decided to learn more about fashion and beauty manufacturing as that was the strength of the city I live at the time (Shenzhen).

Afterward, I moved to Shanghai where fashion and beauty was pretty much the markets in China as a country. I got in contact with Rakuten and marketing affiliates, then we optimized the website for affiliates so I could connect better with brands like NYX, ELF, Nasty Gal and more.

Developing My Brand

It was just 2 years ago when I moved to Hong Kong when I decided to launch my K-beauty website focusing on western markets and teaching my audience how to benefit from k-products.

This year we are launching my skincare brand NHB where we look to measure beauty in our own rules without genders or borders among cultures or beliefs on beauty. In Asia, in general, beauty includes more digital efforts than in western countries, and we have different concepts like guys wearing lipsticks and makeup.

My brand is a fresh and open invitation for people to be more open to discussing hard topics like skincare and beauty for men, genderless topics, and self-positivism (which I have been learning and experiencing since I live in Asia). Also, we focus on loving yourself heavily, and improving our own mindset using beauty and psychology.

This brand has both western and eastern backgrounds and I found it interesting also because I am Hispanic.

Beauty Blogger Rosi Ross on The Table Read
Rosi Ross

Why It Matters To Me

I hope other people can get more inspired to go out of the box and do things out there. The world is too big to stay at home. The pandemic has been a great way to drive more people and businesses to online and digital, which is my expertise.

I realized I can bring more value to any enterprise by getting into my field either in fashion, lifestyle or beauty to bring more things to the table in a visual, digital content sense. Also during this COVID time, many of us have to take the time to introspect about our priorities and things essential to us. Are we happy where we are? Are we fulfilled daily? Are we really connected with whatever is happening around us? Answering these questions in a personal way and out of judgement is a great gate to move forward to snap out of whatever is stopping us to live our real passions in life.

I also wanted to start my own business and was working on the side for a while on it so, my biggest motivation was reaching a level of understanding that I really need to move forward and then taking action into it. Many people need that inner push to the unknown to make our lives better. It’s always worth it to me and I think it might be worth it to other people too.  

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How I Use Writing To Communicate My Message

Writing is a great way to express our interests. The way we write determines not only how we feel but also how we see the world. When describing products or experiences with my audience I focus on educating others, so they can have a solid base of the topic in discussion. This turns quite hard sometimes as this generation is more visual and people are more inclined to experience than learning. Also, Genzeers are more prone to visuals than reading, so I focus a lot on the written content for the blog as I also want to motivate viewers to read frequently.

Beauty Blogger Rosi Ross on The Table Read
Rosi Ross

My blog emphasises the act of reading a lot. We have less visuals and a lot of written content, also we try to make it a little bit more technical in order to educate properly, and to make people understand that our value comes purely from the content we focus on.

On fashion, beauty or business opportunities the way we write and express ourselves really determines how people see us and how we communicate thoughts and feelings to others. This is a way of coming closer. Also, for visual, we tend to discuss the topics and write the videos before filming, even if this is a small shoutout for Instagram.

I prefer to write the message and make sure it matches our goal that just doing it freely. Many times as content producers we take the wrong path for having to many freedom or being to “natural” when putting the content out there. I think we need a balance to not to regret anything after a post on my blog, brand or social media.

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