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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Emotions Don’t Think: Emotional Contagion In A Time Of Turmoil by Dr Bruce Hutchison examines the impact of emotional contagion.

Emotional Contagion

America and the world are currently facing an unseen adversary. The pandemic spread quickly, and interpersonal tensions are high. We face global turmoil, and emotions accompany turmoil. The feelings are anxious; A lot of people worry about their lives. In this time of global turmoil, little has been written about the power of emotions and how they spread.

Emotional contagion, according to Dr. Bruce Hutchison, is one of the most potent forces in society and politics over the past few decades, leading up to the peak in 2020, 2021, and 2022. To help us adapt to the stress of today, we need to learn how to handle it. Emotions Don’t Think: Emotional Contagion In A Time Of Turmoil by Dr. Hutchison teaches us how to do that.

Emotions Don’t Think: Emotional Contagion In A Time Of Turmoil by Dr. Bruce Hutchison on The Table Read Magazine
Emotions Don’t Think: Emotional Contagion In A Time Of Turmoil

Dr. Hutchison discusses in the book the ways in which negative emotional contagion can be overcome and the ways in which it contributes to social and political turmoil. He writes about how to manage negative emotions and feelings to lessen their impact on future events, as they can become destructive, since they have a strong impact during social and political upheaval.

How Emotional Contagion Spreads

Because emotions are contagious and frequently spread from one person to another, you can be infected by them when you are in the company of other people. People are affected by this during difficult times. Despite the fact that emotions don’t think, many people base their decisions, including their votes, on their emotions.

When someone’s beliefs are questioned, challenged, or even attacked, they typically get emotional about them. It’s only natural. It’s just how we are. The majority of us experience it. At this time, troubling feelings and emotions are easily disseminated throughout society. However, we must manage them for the benefit of everyone. Since emotions drive actions, knowing how to effectively manage them helps reduce the chaos and destruction.

Emotions Don’t Think: Emotional Contagion In A Time Of Turmoil

The book by Dr. Hutchison explains why the years 2020 and 2021 were so turbulent. His book goes beyond the events themselves to the feelings that drove them. Emotions that are dangerous and contagious spread like a virus and infect others.

Pessimism, cynicism, depression, fear, resentment, panic, anxiety, and disgust are all contagious. Conspiracies and violence are also bad. This continues into and possibly beyond the year 2022. People became agitated as these feelings spread. These feelings can only be felt, whereas people can think with them. The feelings don’t think.

Emotions Don’t Think: Emotional Contagion In A Time Of Turmoil focuses on the issues caused by the rise in rage and other emotions in society and politics, the widespread negative emotional contagion during political turmoil, and describes the emotional underpinnings of current political turmoil. The book includes five chapters on how to resist and get past the effects of more emotions and negative emotional contagion.

Dr. Bruce Hutchison on The Table Read Magazine
Dr. Bruce Hutchison

Dr. Bruce Hutchison

In these times of emotional turmoil, Bruce Hutchison, Ph.D. writes the kind of book that is needed.

Dr. Hutchison, a retired clinical psychologist, earned his Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa before working as a psychologist in Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba. Dr. Hutchison, who has been practicing psychotherapy for more than 50 years, has observed and identified emotional contagion, or the transfer of emotions from one client to another, in numerous sessions with his patients.

He has given speeches and presentations on a variety of self-improvement topics, appeared on television, and traveled. He is well-known throughout Canada. He is a psychologist who has won awards. He can be a little more objective and less affected by the emotional infection that he claims flows in the media and society in the United States.

However, similar turmoil occurs in Canada, as seen in Ottawa in early 2022. He has been sufficiently close to the United States while remaining sufficiently far away.

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