Fall In Love With Social Media And Learn To Post Effectively With The Pocket Book By Pastor Jameliah Gooden.

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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Pocket Book: A Small Book of Powerful Posts by Pastor Jameliah Gooden teaches readers how to get the most out of social media.

The Pocket Book: A Small Book of Powerful Posts

With her new book, The Pocket Book: A Small Book of Powerful Posts, innovative influencer and award-winning author Pastor Jameliah Gooden has answered the call of her more than half a million followers. This small guide, published by Warren Publishing, aims to encourage and guide readers’ authentic online voices.

Pastor Jameliah Gooden, the popular social media host of the Car Chronicles Movement, provides thought-provoking prompts in this “one-of-a-kind” book to bring fun and insightful discussions to social media posts.

The Pocket Book: A Small Book of Powerful Posts on The Table Read Magazine
The Pocket Book: A Small Book of Powerful Posts

According to Gooden, if you’re like her, you post a lot about your life online. It is how we keep in touch with our loved ones, how we meet new people, and how we express our thoughts and opinions to other people.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

Using Social Media

Gooden has firsthand knowledge that being genuine is essential if you want your posts to resonate. The goal of this book is to give readers ideas and jolts that can be used for journaling, self-discovery, and social media posts.

Like a handbag, the Pocket Book is a necessity. Every person who owns it uses its contents in a different way. Also, this little book can go anywhere, just like a favorite purse. That way you’ll continuously be ready — for this situation, to share your considerations!

Some people find social media to be scary, so they overthink what they post, if they post at all. Yet, with Gooden’s book, anybody can impart their most profound considerations and sentiments to straightforwardness and style. The guide by Gooden starts the conversation with insightful, significant, and empowering discussions among friends, family, and followers. Her objective is to demonstrate how she grew her following and established her brand, thereby assisting others in achieving their objectives.

Pastor Jameliah Gooden on The Table Read Magazine
Pastor Jameliah Gooden

She hopes that this little book will lead to big things. Therefore, post, discover, and read with power.

About Jameliah Gooden

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Jameliah Gooden is a pastor at Unity Church of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband Fred. She is likewise the host of the incredibly famous Facebook Live show Car Chronicles Movement, with more than 500,000 adherents.

The Goodens also host a series called “Coupling” on Facebook where they talk about ways to keep relationships healthy. The Death of the Angry Black Woman, a best-selling self-help book written by Jameliah, debunks the myths about Black women and the causes of their rage. You can likewise look at her Amazon No.1 new book, A Needle in a Haystack.

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The Pocket Book: A Small Book of Powerful Posts

Find Gooden online at https://www.carchronicles.org/, or on Facebook (@Jamiliah Gooden), Instagram (@official_page_mj) and YouTube (Pastor Jameliah Gooden).

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