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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, Melanie P Golding’s Facing My Own Music finds the author reflecting on the adversities faced whilst trying to make it in the music world, and using her resilience and strength to come to terms with the fact her life would take another path.

Melanie P Golding

An intriguing read for all those keen to dip their toe and their heart into making it big in the music world, Melanie P Golding offers a ‘warts and all’ overview of the realities of being a young singer and having to deal with adversity and rejection; as well as sharing what it takes to survive the experience.

Honest, reflective and entertaining, the purpose of this biography is not to burst every young singer’s bubble but to remind readers that it’s a tough world out there. In Melanie’s case, she was just about to sign a deal with one of the world’s largest record labels, and her partner had over 40 million records sales to his name, but still things didn’t go quite to plan.

Facing My Own Music, The Spiritual Journey Of A Singer, by Melanie P Golding, on The Table Read
Facing My Own Music, The Spiritual Journey Of A Singer

With pearls of wisdom and Melanie’s personal growth (including overcoming mental health issues and suffering from hugely dented self-belief) evident throughout.  Facing My Own Music is a compelling and must-read for all those wanting to make their mark in music. It is also a valid reminder that not all roads are paved with gold and that success involves so much more than a great voice.

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Facing My Own Music

In her own words, Mel talks about her dreams with a twist as she reveals a slice of her journey from Singer-songwriter to a therapist. Mel tells her story of growing up in the music industry on her way to stardom and affiliations with acclaimed record producers and writers in the UK and the US.

Mel was an aspiring young artist who devoted a lifetime from the age of twelve with steadfast dedication to the music industry. Self-belief was at the core of all her endeavours to make it to the big time.  She talks of her first love with record producer Mike Myers and the unreleased song she co-wrote with him for The Nolans.

Behind the scenes, Mel rivalled with Celine Dion in the late 90s as her record deal was about to be signed with Sony. The book takes a slight analytical lens as she self-reflects on her own life as a young artist going through a politically driven industry and the potential damages to mental health and wellbeing. Mel’s journey in music is documented here in the form of a memoir aimed to inform and entertain.

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Melanie P Golding’s Experiences

“I also suffered hidden traumas, which I have only touched on in this book. A second book will be written at the right time, revealing all.

“Operating from a place of adversity whilst building a career in a competitive industry, I understand fully how this can damage an artist’s sense of self and mental health. As a therapist now, I specialise in working with performing artists who face many challenges.

Facing My Own Music, The Spiritual Journey Of A Singer, by Melanie P Golding, on The Table Read
Melanie P Golding

“I am currently podcasting my show Facing Mel’s Music; I interview and promote artists from across the globe and to this day, I’m still an artist and currently I’m working on a project with Nova Luna.

“My message is that it’s never too late to make it if you preserve and believe in yourself.”

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About Melanie P Golding

Melanie Denise Padron Golding was born in Loughborough, Leicestershire, in 1973. From singer-songwriter to counsellor, Mel has poured her years of experience in the music industry into an analysis for her first published book, Facing My Own Music.

Mel is best known by her close friends and family for her solo singer and songwriter path. Experienced as a gigging artist in the UK and Spain, she has over thirty years of solid grounding in performing and recording. Rich in experience, Mel has always given her all.

Mel is currently podcasting her shows on Facing Mel’s Music. She is presently interviewing musicians across the globe to expand her research and knowledge of musicians’ holistic health. Mel is also a research student at the University of Brighton, pursuing her topic on musicians’ mental health and resilience.

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Independently published, Facing My Own Music – The Spiritual Journey of a Singer (ISBN No: 979-8443472805) is available in paperback (£10.99) and Kindle format (£4.99) on Amazon at and

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