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Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed independent filmmaker Patrick Cutler about his career, what inspires him in his work, and the creative work that has gone into his new feature film; REDGATE.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

I’m a filmmaker from small town Montana. Have completed over 5 full-length indepentent feature films in my career.  Spent 10 years in Alaska teaching filmmaking techniques to Native Alaskan students.  Co-founded a theatre production company called “Cutler Bros. Productions” and co-created a traveling improv comedy group called Das Froot.

Patrick Cutler, filmmaker of REDGATE, filmmaking interview on The Table Read

When did you first realize you wanted to make films?

When I was 5 years old an first picked up my parents VHS camera and started recording home movies.

What is your favourite thing about films?

The camera shots and angles.

What classes or research did you take to support you in your filmmaking career?

Film school for one semester, then studying and reading independent film books non-stop.

What was your first film industry job?

Never had one, I am entirely an independent filmmaker.  Although I did get paid in Alaska for 10 years to produce films and various multimedia projects.

What was your most recent film industry job?

Working for a remote Alaskan school district producing multimedia for them.

Tell me a favourite experience in your career. Something that stands out in your memories and makes you want to find more experiences like it.

Making the 2012 LA Comedy Festival for my independent film “The Cottonwood City Project”…it was a great experience screening the film in LA, meeting people and almost getting a major distribution deal for the film.

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What was your toughest experience in your filmmaking career?

Overall just not landing a big distribution deal for a film, it can be a tough business.

What is the title of your current project?


Patrick Cutler, filmmaker of REDGATE, filmmaking interview on The Table Read

What inspired you to make REDGATE?

Listening to local horror stories as a kid growing up in a small western town and this area known as Redgate.

What is the main conflict of REDGATE?

Not knowing what is haunting this town and causing death and macabre in the Mountains surrounding it.

How long did you spend in production?

3 months.

How long did you spend in post production?

9 months.

Did you work with a writer, or write REDGATE yourself? Would you do the same again?

I wrote the film myself and enjoy writing my own films.

How did you find your cast and what made you choose them?

I found displaced actors and actress from the COVID-19 pandemic that were looking for work and couldn’t find any in LA or New York.

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How big was your crew? Would you choose the same size again?

About 6 people.  Yes, it worked very well for a small indepent film.

How did you find your locations?

My brother hiked the locations the year before which are lakes located in the middle of nowhere in the Mountains in Montana.

Tell me some career goals. What would you like to achieve?

No. 1 horror film in America.  Create a multi-billion dollar entertainment empire.  Win the World Series as owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Tell me something you were surprised by, something you had never realised about being a filmmaker.

Once you start doing it, the amount of people I’ve met that have zero clue about filmmaking or film distribution or anything film related.  You’d think with as many movies that are produced and released every year that people would be quite familiar with the filmmaking processes, but sadly very few are.

What are words of advice you have for other aspiring filmmakers?

  1. Try as much stuff as you possibly can.
  2. Set your goals on what you really wanna do whether it be an independent filmmaker or someone who works for a TV studio, just determine what it is that you would really like to do.
  3. Never Give up ever.  Biggest mistake I ever made was thinking I could quit being a filmmaker and disappear for a while.  The desire never left me, and now I’m back at it 24/7, around the clock.

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