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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in the first two books of Rosalie James’ Legacy Trilogy, Parisian Legacy followed by Windsong, orphaned Alice moves to live with her society aunt in Paris for a love story beset by challenges in a slowly changing world.

The Legacy Trilogy

The first book in Rosalie James’ Legacy Trilogy, Parisian Legacy, earned much deserved media attention after being named one of Good Housekeeping’s Top Summer Reads for 2023. Now, fans will be delighted to learn that the second instalment of the generational saga, Windsong, is equally captivating.

Both books burst with well-formed characters and memorable locations for this decade spanning trilogy which navigates love, tragedy and betrayal, but ultimately inspires hope.

Rosalie James captivates her readers with multi-layered family plots, played out in glamorous locations, and fans are eagerly awaiting the final instalment of her page-turning family saga, The Portrait Painter, due to be published in 2024.

Parisian Legacy by Rosalie James on The Table Read Magazine
Parisian Legacy by Rosalie James

Parisian Legacy

Parisian Legacy is a sprawling family saga of love, betrayal, and redemption that takes place in everything from artist studios in Montmartre to the Cote d’Azur and couture houses in Paris and London in the 1950s.

The lives of Alice and Juniper, two young women who are brought together on the verge of becoming adults, are shaped by privilege, tragedy, and family secrets. Alice moves to Paris to live with her mother’s society sister after the tragic deaths of her parents. She prefers Montmartre parties and the bohemian friends of her parents, despite the opulence of her new life, and meets the mysterious artist Xavier, her first and only true love.

An opportunity meeting at the Dior salon in Paris, brings the spoiled Juniper into Alice’s life, which begins the slow unravelling of their lives.

Years later, Juniper’s child strangely inherits Alice’s journals, her Normandy home, and forgotten works of art by the posthumously famous Xavier. When he uncovers the truth, it compromises all that he holds dear. A major Paris exhibition serves as the setting for life-altering revelations, affirmations, and new beginnings after the art world learns of the “lost” paintings.

Windsong by Rosalie James on The Table Read Magazine
Windsong by Rosalie James


An inspiring story of trust, love and family. Windsong celebrates the many facets of love as well as the pain we endure in order to uphold our truth, set against the calming sands of Captiva Island, the white cliffs of coastal England, and a stunning château in France.

When Lydia finds enough courage to begin another life, she wrestles with the legacy of a disinterested family, her own deficiencies and disappointments in love. Lydia’s first new friend is a fragile stranger who is recovering from a mysterious trauma, and things take a turn that none of them could have foreseen when she meets the gorgeous Jonathan.

Juniper battles to comprehend the reason why her little girl has removed her, and she is desolate. At the point when Christine de Courcy shows up close to home, looking for her missing child, they bond over shared sorrow and Juniper sets out to help her. When Christine’s son is eventually discovered, he is hiding a secret that puts his entire identity in jeopardy.

Similarly as Lydia feels she can sink no lower, she inherits an ocean side house on Captiva Island, and her life turns a corner. New perspectives, happy reconciliations, and the reuniting of friends take place against the backdrop of the turquoise waters of Windsong.

The belief that love and acceptance of who we are are ultimately at the heart of everything is at the center of Windsong’s exploration of the rich tapestry of life.

Rosalie James

I think that reading is a much needed escape from the pressures of daily life. My objective as a writer is to take readers to new places, to experience different lives, just for a while. My stories explore the rich tapestry of life, with all its joys and heartache, but ultimately they are hopeful and uplifting.

-Rosalie James

Rosalie James on The Table Read Magazine
Rosalie James

Rosalie has been telling stories since childhood, excited by new places, new ideas and change. Her mother was brought up in India, and later began modelling for Dior. When she married, the family moved to the Bahamas, where Rosalie spent her childhood.

Rosalie raised her own family in Sussex, England and in Normandy, France. She is a regular house sitter in Paris, London and overseas, which inspires her writing.

Her stories take readers on a journey that transcends everyday life, yet with themes we can all relate to, tragedy, hope, love, misplaced trust and new beginnings.

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