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Health Interrupted Podcast with Gina Lombardi and Laura Kaeppeler on The Table Read

Health Interrupted is the acclaimed podcast celebrating the inspiring and diverse lives of individuals who have survived and thrived after personally experiencing or facing health interruptions in their lives and in those lives around them.

Health Interrupted

Now influencers from all walks of life give their personal ‘Calls To Action’ for the New Year and beyond on the occasion of their landmark 50th episode of Health Interrupted Podcast with hosts Gina Lombardi (celebrity fitness trainer) and Laura Kaeppeler (Miss America 2012). Visit your favorite podcast app to download, or visit

Guests have included; Tim Storey – Jackie Joyner Kersee – Winn Claybaugh – Joseph McClendon III – Mickie James – Doctor Daniel Amen – Jessie Graff – Bethany Hamilton – Homer Hickam – Justin Willman & more.

Health Interrupted Podcast with Gina Lombardi and Laura Kaeppeler on The Table Read
Laura Kaeppeler

About Laura Kaeppeler

Laura Kaeppeler was Miss America 2012 and is currently a nationally known singer, speaker and advocate for at-risk youth. As Miss America, she used her platform to give a voice to children of incarcerated parents and continues that mission today.

She is a recognized media expert and brand ambassador who has been featured on countless national and international talk shows. She continues to perform and co-hosts The Health Interrupted Podcast on balancing health and well-being in the face of life’s challenges.

About Gina Lombardi

Health Interrupted Podcast with Gina Lombardi and Laura Kaeppeler on The Table Read
Gina Lombardi

Gina Lombardi is a celebrated personal trainer, media personality, inspirational speaker, author, TV show host and podcaster. With over 60,000 hours of one-on-one, personal coaching, including many high-profile celebrities and entertainment executives, Gina is the creator/host of Discovery Health and Fit’s Fit Nation and the podcast Health Interrupted.

She is an accomplished author of several books (“Deadline Fitness,” “How to be Successful as a Personal Trainer,” “The Stability Ball Quick Series”) and has contributed to and “The Journal of Strength and Conditioning.”

An international speaker, Gina is known as the “wellness detective” and is a frequent guest on entertainment and talk shows (EXTRA!, CBS NEWS) and spokesperson for health publications and organizations (Health Magazine, Shape Magazine, Weight Watchers.) Gina has had the privilege to work with several celebrity clients (Tom Cruise, Andy Garcia, Nicole Kidman, Kevin James, Leah Remini, Beck, among others).

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Instagram & Facebook: @HealthInterruptedPodcast

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