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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World, a groundbreaking documentary which premiered in London’s environmental community, demonstrates Chile’s third-place ranking in climate leadership.

I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World

Chile’s acclaimed cinematographic talent will tell the stories of Chilean men and women who are leading concrete actions to mitigate the climate crisis from different parts of this elongated country in South America’s Southern Cone, produced by Oscar-winning production company Fábula and directed by Oscar-nominated director Maite Alberd.

Chile is ranked as the nation with the best climate protection performance in Latin America and the third best in the world in the most recent version of The Climate Change Performance Index 2023 (CCPI), trailing only Denmark and Sweden. This report every year evaluates the advancement of almost 60 nations in executing approaches to meet the objectives of the Paris Arrangement, considering elements like ozone harming substance emanations, sustainable power and environment strategy.

I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World on The Table Read Magazine
I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World

Chile likewise stands apart for taking on an environmental change system regulation in 2022, where the nation focused on accomplishing zero outflows by 2050, with explicit strategies to accomplish it.

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Fight Against Climate Change

This prestigious position in the fight against climate change, which was confirmed today by the CCPI, is the result of the Chilean government’s ongoing efforts to clearly reduce the country’s carbon footprint through actions that have been shared with private businesses and given to the people themselves. Chile is now at the forefront of the fight against climate change thanks to this act of conscience.

Rossana Dresdner, Executive Director of Imagen de Chile, stated that Chile is establishing itself as a significant player in reducing the effects of climate change and safeguarding the ocean and ecosystems. Their turquoise foreign policy and signing carbon neutrality into law are examples of how we are moving with a special emphasis towards a sustainable development model, and we are doing it through public policies and citizen innovations.

I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World on The Table Read Magazine
I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World


The film takes the watcher on an excursion through various drives and situations where Chilean people are adding to relieve the impacts of environmental change, from huge scope projects and logical developments to regular resident activities, which are all by and large fundamental. The narrative spotlights on five topical regions: sustainable farming; conservation of forests and biodiversity; energy from the sun; water scarcity; astronomy, and

Business person Cristián Sjögren, who features in I’m the Earth. Stories from the Southern Edge of the World, is a member of Fundación Chile’s ChileGlobal Ventures Mentoring Network, Vice President of the Chile California Council, and co-founder and CEO of AgroUrbana. In addition, he was First Solar’s Director of Latin America and the Founder of Solar Chile, a pioneer in Chile’s solar industry.

Situated in Santiago, AgroUrbana is the primary Chilean organization to present vertical farming, which produces multiple times more per square meter than customary agribusiness. Farmers can cultivate thanks to this revolutionary technology, which saves 95% on water use.

I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World on The Table Read Magazine
I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World

There Is No Planet B

The planet will have a populace of 10 billion occupants by 2050. According to projections, we will need to increase our capacity to produce food by 70%. This will not be possible if we continue in the same manner as we have in the past. Furthermore, that is where the need emerges to reconsider how we ranch to accomplish more with less.

We are unable to escape to planet B. We must really focus on the one that empowered our reality,” says Andrés Jordán, one more focal figure in film, an astrophysicist known all over the planet for his part in HATSouth, a worldwide undertaking to look for extrasolar planets utilizing telescopes spread north of three landmasses: America Latina; Africa; Australia and El Sauce, his own observatory in the Coquimbo Region’s Southern Atacama Desert, was inspired by this.

I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World on The Table Read Magazine
I Am The Earth. Stories From The Southern Edge Of The World

A Stop in the Desert Foundation

Fundación Un Alto en el Desierto (A Stop in the Desert Foundation), founded by Natalia Rebolledo and Nicolás Schneider, aims to promote water conservation in the Coquimbo Region, particularly in rural schools without access to potable water. The organization is comprised of 30 provincial schools that have recuperated 2,000,000 liters of water to make normal green spaces, by introducing water capacity frameworks and haze catchers, and reusing greywater. Over 250 square meters, they have already put in 29 fog catchers. One of Chile’s most significant cloud oases can be found in this region.

That’s what they caution, that without water there are no yields. Over time, livestock farming declines. Migration from rural to urban areas rises. There are no more young people in towns. Students attend fewer and fewer rural schools. Additionally, the towns perish when there are no school-age children; They get older.

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In the documentary, examples of civil organization in the fight against climate change are shown in the testimonies of Andrés, Cristián, Natalia, and Nicolás. Additionally, it tells the tales of six additional activists from various regions of Chile. Activists like Rodrigo Delmaestro, who has studied for years how to get the least amount of energy with the least amount of impact on the environment in the southern Magallanes Region by taking advantage of the region’s renewable energy potential, particularly wind energy and fuel that doesn’t emit carbon dioxide, 

As a result, the documentary tells nine compelling stories that inspire you to follow in their footsteps and highlight the outstanding work that they are doing.

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