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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, indie singer and songwriter Jessia released heart wrenching new dreamy pop song, One Before The One.

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One Before The One

One Before The One by Jessia on The Table Read Magazine
One Before The One by Jessia

Canadian born pop singer and songwriter Jessia transformed her emotions into a cathartic pop ballad for new song, One Before The One, featuring heart-wrenching lyrics that will strike a chord with anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak.

One Before The One’ is for the singles this season who are bombarded with pictures of their exes in new relationships. It’s for anyone who felt like they were always used as the ‘practice run’ partner.

People become reflective and reminiscent this time of year, which can be hard when there are so many songs about love and connection being played everywhere. I want this song to give the brokenhearted a safe space to feel seen. Though the song is subjectively sad, I feel warm every time I listen to it as I wrote it from a place of acceptance and finding power in that.



Jessia on The Table Read Magazine

During her first year of releasing music independently, JUNO award-winning pop songstress Jessia amassed millions of streams across her 2023 singles, toured Asia with OneRepublic, and supported Dean Lewis on a sold-out Canadian tour. 

Capturing the hearts of fans across the world with her raw talent, dazzling pop melodies, and heart-wrenching lyricism, she made her explosive debut in 2021 with the viral single, I’m not Pretty. Racking up over hundred of millions streams and views, the single caught the attention of Grammy-nominated artist Bebe Rexha, who later joined Jessia on the track remix. She kept the buzz going with the release of her debut EP, How Are You?, which was met with widespread support from iHeart, SiriusXM, and Billboard. 

Now releasing her music independently, Jessia has continued her meteoric rise with a steady stream of dreamy pop singles and an ever-growing global fanbase. With her undeniable talent and steadfast determination, the sky is the limit for Jessia. 

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