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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Carolynn’s Keep Your Mouth Shut, she shares the harrowing tale of a mum trying to do her best for her two neurologically challenged children after being let down by the courts, social services and the legal profession.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

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Keep Your Mouth Shut

ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=1800742142In her biography, Keep Your Mouth Shut, Carole Lonsdale who writes as Carolynn, shares the stark realities of missed opportunities to provide her family with the support it so evidently needed, and the incompetent and insensitive manner with which she and her children were treated. Keep Your Mouth Shut forces us to ask whether any child can every truly be safe when the courts, social services and the legal profession have blind spots, cracks and stick-in-the-mud procedures that child abusers and love rats can exploit?

For Carolynn, her children developed a medical condition so little understood that she was banging her head against a brick wall trying to get medical professionals to take it seriously. Her children faced the bullying of classmates and the exasperation of schoolteachers, police officers and social workers, all of whom felt the fault was with her.

Every parent should know what Carole Lonsdale and her children have endured, and every judge, police officer, schoolteacher, social worker and lawyer should pay attention. Now, other parents can be forewarned by Carolynn’s courageous, raw and honest account of their lifelong ordeal.

An outstanding depiction of a mother’s love and determination to do right by her family, Keep Your Mouth Shut takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster of a life blighted by failings. Carolynn will shake every parent to their core as writes from her heart to share her years of pain fighting endless battles with medical profession, teachers, and the court system, and inspire those that could have done more to hang their heads in shame.


“I wrote Keep Your Mouth Shut to highlight my battle as a mother to protect my children.  My story is about hitting your head against a brick wall and putting your faith in people who think they are better than you, but they’re not. It’s a story about the toll a life like ours takes on the mental health of all the family.”


Carole Lonsdale, aka Carolynn, spent most of her life in the Midlands. After getting married in the 1960’s, she went on to have two children, both of whom have disabilities.

Carole trained as a hairdresser, and had a mobile round for a few years meeting people and listening to their tales, some of which were truly heart rending. At the age of forty, following her husband’s redundancy, they moved to the West Country to seek a better life for their children.

Through the stress and pressure of family’s unknown condition and mental health struggles, she found a release in writing, firstly with poetry, and now with her biography, Keep Your Mouth Shut.

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