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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best arts magazine in the UK“, romantic short La Mia Italia wins monthly awards for director Jay Manari and composer Jonathan McKinney, and is in the running for annual Robinson film awards.

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La Mia Italia on The Table Read Magazine
La Mia Italia

Love is a universal language, and it seems to have resonated with audiences and judges alike! We’re thrilled to share that the short film “La Mia Italia” (My Italy), written and directed by Jay Manari, has triumphed at the Robinson Monthly Film Awards awards, taking home not one, but two prestigious accolades: Best Romantic Short Film and Best Film Score!

La Mia Italia

Based on two true stories brought together, short film “La Mia Italia” is a war drama/romance set during World War 2.

Fighting on the battlefield, the twenty year old Italian solider Sante has been held in the Maliq prison camp, in Albany, nearby the Devoll river, and the memory of his beloved Elsa is all that keeps him going.

This poignant story of love and the tragedy of war is beautifully brought to life by the film’s talented cast and crew.

Jay Manari: A Visionary Filmmaker

Jay Manari on The Table Read Magazine
Jay Manari

Writer and Director Jay Manari is a rising star in the independent film scene. His ability to capture the complexities of human connection with tenderness and depth is evident in “La Mia Italia.” Manari’s previous work include Petite Blanche and Espiazioni, showcasing his versatility and talent for storytelling. His versatile and explorative nature, and Fine Arts background, enhance his exploration of characters’ choices, wishes, and events.

In 2014, Jay founded the ManarìFilmArts Productions and became CEO and Creative Art Director of MiraBan LTD, a member of BFI and Film Hub London, an art and entertainment company focused on underground cinema and film festivals in 2018.

All you can do depends on how much strength you have, how stubborn you are, and how many people you can convince to believe in your idea.

-Jay Manari
Jonathan McKinney on The Table Read Magazine
Jonathan McKinney

Jonathan McKinney: A Musical Powerhouse

A film’s emotional impact is greatly enhanced by its score, and “La Mia Italia” boasts a truly exceptional one. The award-winning music was composed by Jonathan McKinney, a name quickly gaining recognition in the film industry.

Jonathan McKinney is no stranger to scoring success. He has previously lent his musical talents to feature films like “Hollowhood” and “Johnny TwoShoes.” Beyond film scoring, McKinney is also a renowned music producer for Siren Stories.

Currently, he’s in pre-production on the score for the highly anticipated film “Of A Demon,” demonstrating his diverse and in-demand skills.

The Journey Continues

This double win at the Robinson Film Awards is just the beginning for “La Mia Italia.” The film is now officially in contention for the festival’s annual awards in the Best Romantic Short Film and Best Film Score categories.

We eagerly await the results and extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jay Manari, Jonathan McKinney, and the entire team behind “La Mia Italia.” Their dedication to storytelling and artistic excellence has truly paid off!

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