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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, R.C. Munro releases first book in a new six part magical adventure series for children, Nymphas’ World: Beyond the Onyx Mountains.

Ten year old Kay stars in R.C. Munro’s fantasy adventure, Nympha’s World: Beyond The Onyx Mountains. Like many youngsters today, Kay has no friends. She plays alone and is picked on at school. But one evening she discovers a fairy flying around in her garden and her world changes forever. The discovery sends Kay and her brother Rob on a series of thrilling adventures, because life just became a whole lot more interesting…

Nympha’s World

Nymphas’ World: Beyond the Onyx Mountains is the first of a planned six-part series, set in R.C. Munro’s former hometown of Falkirk. Strikes a chord with readers aged eight to fourteen, protagonist ten year old Kay is trying to find her place in the world, when she discovers fairy Alva the Ever Nympha.

Nymphas' World: Beyond the Onyx Mountains by R.C. Munro on The Table Read
Nymphas’ World: Beyond the Onyx Mountains

Brother and sister Kay and Rob and their new best friend, Alva the Ever Nympha, explore a world of danger, other worldliness, power struggles and more in Nymphas’ World: Beyond the Onyx Mountains. The story highlights that there is a best friend for everyone, even if they are a fairy, as the author takes you through a series of fairy adventures, inspired by Scotland’s plethora of mystical tales.

A perfect book to excite young readers, who will long to come back time and time again for more adventures from this magical trio.

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Beyond The Onyx Mountain

Have you ever seen a tiny flickering light in the darkness and wondered what it could be?

Kay Mackenzie has. When Kay sees a glowing light dancing in her garden one night, she and her brother, Rob, decide to catch it. Thus begins their adventure into Nymphas’ World, a secret place full of wonder and enchantment. Kay and Rob experience the delights of Edenland, home of the ever Nymphas, guided by their newfound Nympha friend, Alva.

R.C. Munro on The Table Read
R.C. Munro

When Rob is captured by the wicked Onyx Nymphas, Kay and Alva must go on a dangerous journey to rescue him from a terrible fate. On the way, Kay learns about magic and friendship and discovers a special gift of her own. Kay and Alva do battle with the Onyx, but the odds are stacked against them. Will they defeat the Onyx? Will Kay and Rob ever be able to return home? Step into the magic and find out!

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R.C. Munro

Rachael Munro, who writes as R.C. Munro, lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two children and works as a Sunday school teacher and classroom assistant. Her childhood home, Falkirk, is famous as the home of “The Kelpies”, the largest equine sculpture in the world.

Growing up, she was inspired by the many myths and legend of her Scotland home, and developed a passion for the fantasy stories, the stories her grandfather told her further ingniting her imagintion.

Find Nymphas’ World: Beyond the Onyx Mountains now:

Published by Olympia Publishers, ‘Nymphas’ World: Beyond the Onyx Mountains’ is available in paperback (£8.99) and Kindle format (£3.99 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at and

‘Nymphas’ World: Beyond the Onyx Mountains’ is also available to purchase online at WH Smiths, Waterstones, Blackwell, Good Reads, Brown’s Books and The Book Depository.

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