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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Peter Howard’s compelling thriller, The Museum of Confiscated Property, sees curator of the museum, Maria Cordobes sent down a rabbit hole of deceit, the theft of museum artefacts, and blackmail.

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The Museum Of Confiscated Property By Peter Howard on The Table Read Magazine
The Museum Of Confiscated Property By Peter Howard

The Museum Of Confiscated Property

The Museum Of Confiscated Property by Peter Howard is fast-paced and piques readers’ curiosity from the outset.

Maria Cordobes lives a quiet and rather uneventful life as curator of the Museum Of Confiscated Property in Clerkenwell. When her desperate brother begs her to send him money to pay his gambling debts to a shady gang in Barcelona, Maria’s quiet life spirals out of control. A blackmailer demands the return of an ancient Egyptian statuette reputed to have the Hyaena Stone of prophecy as one eye and the Elixir of Life in its belly, and Maria is forced to choose: abandon her brother in his hour of need or break the law and go against everything she believes in.

Based on the premise that items that find themselves in Maria’s museum have been confiscated for a host of intriguing reasons, readers are immersed in Maria’s conflictions, the consequences of putting family first (and how that decision may blight her chances of one day working at The British Museum), and her growing feelings for Jake, a method actor who steps into help when Maria is being stalked.

A realistic, lively and a delightful departure from the standard run of the mill thriller, The Museum Of Confiscated Property by Peter Howard demonstrates that he is not only an accomplished wordsmith, but a hugely creative mind that takes readers on literary adventures that they feel privileged to be part of.

Peter Howard

I grew up in Zimbabwe and Zambia, and then went to university in England. During my 20s, I hitchhiked around Europe, the USA, and the whole length of Africa, before I started and ran a furniture making, interiors and museum showcase business. These days I do some consultancy to pay the bills, but spend most of my time writing fiction in my shed. I’m an alumnus of the Faber Academy ‘Writing a Novel’ course.

-Peter Howard

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